What’s the difference between geeks and nerds?

What’s the Difference Between Geeks and Nerds?

You probably know at least one person whom you would call a geek or a nerd. These terms are often labeled to anybody who wears thick eyeglasses and shows an extreme interest in a subject. But while geeks and nerds share many common traits, it’s interesting to learn how to distinguish one from the other….

How to find geek friends at college

How to Find Geek Friends at College

How to find friends is a question college students tend to ask a lot, especially a student considered to be a geek such as a tech geek. However, how to find geek friends in a college is no mystery. With these tips anyone can find new friends. Making friends in college is not easy, especially…

Loot crate march 2015: the ultimate geek & gamer subscription unboxing

Loot Crate March 2015: The Ultimate Geek & Gamer Subscription Unboxing

Ah, nothing like the fresh, sweet smell of loot! There’s no better feeling than getting some awesome stuff in the mail, especially since that cursed mail box usually only delivers sorrow and bills.   On that note, let’s look what March brought in the wonderful world of Loot Crate Subscriptions!   I would like to…

‘big bang’ to resume production after contract debacle

‘Big Bang’ to Resume Production After Contract Debacle

Fans of the award-winning CBS geek sitcom, rejoice: The Big Bang Theory is back in business. After weeks of tense pay negotiations, the entire main cast has officially signed three-year contracts with Warner Bros. TV, all with hefty pay raises. America’s favorite ragtag team of scientists began production on their eighth season yesterday. “Big Bang’ Rides…

The big bang theory conundrum

The Big Bang Theory Conundrum

Stop me if this sounds familiar: Thing comes into existence. Thing gathers more fans and snowballs in popularity. People start to become actively angry that this thing is becoming popular, which then grows in direct proportion to the popularity of the thing. This is happening with The Big Bang Theory, a show watched by upwards…