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What’s the Difference Between Geeks and Nerds?

You probably know at least one person whom you would call a geek or a nerd. These terms are often labeled to anybody who wears thick eyeglasses and shows an extreme interest in a subject. But while geeks and nerds share many common traits, it’s interesting to learn how to distinguish one from the other.

What are Geeks?

Let’s take a step back and look at the etymology of the word “geek.” This term originates from the German word geck, which means “freak.” In the 18th century, circus freaks in Europe were referred to as Gecken. And in the 19th century America, geeks were still largely limited to circus freaks, ones that performed barbaric feats like biting the heads off of live chickens for entertainment.

In the modern world, geeks have slowly evolved into individuals with an intense passion and interest in one or more subjects. While the geeks of old were often considered fools, modern geeks can hardly be called as such. In fact, most of them boast of encyclopedic knowledge about their area of interest. They are usually avid collectors of any tech or merchandise related to their passion.

It’s not uncommon for geeks to show off their vast collection. Even if they know that the person, they’re talking to doesn’t share the same interest, they won’t hesitate to share their latest addition or talk about the next memorabilia on their radar. And while they aren’t as innately intelligent as nerds, geeks use gadgets and services like Assignment Expert to cope with their daily school tasks.

What are Nerds?

The term “nerd” has a bi of shakier history. Many credit Dr. Seuss for coining the term because it first appeared on his poem, “If I ran the Zoo.” But it’s interesting to note that in the 1940s, the slang word net was used to refer to a crazy person. The term has gradually evolved into a nerd, which many still use to call a borderline insane person because of his or her unparalleled obsession with academic pursuits.

Nerds are often intellectuals with a relentless quest to further his or her knowledge on one or more disciplines. They are naturally gifted with incredible minds, yet they often live a reclusive lifestyle. Contrary to their geeky counterparts, nerdy students may lack social skills since they choose to dedicate their time to their solitary pursuits. They usually know more than what they’re saying, and they often have little trouble acing their school exams.

Wrapping It Up

By now, you should be able to tell a geek and a nerd apart. It isn’t wise to go by appearance alone. What a person does tells more about whether he’s a geek or a nerd? Interestingly, you may be either of the two without even realizing it. In any case, you should also do your best to avoid using these terms in a derogatory fashion. What’s great is that more and more people identify themselves as a geek or a nerd, and they could care less about what others think about them.

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