How to Find Geek Friends at College

Geeky friends in college

How to find friends is a question college students tend to ask a lot, especially a student considered to be a geek such as a tech geek. However, how to find geek friends in a college is no mystery. With these tips anyone can find new friends.

Making friends in college is not easy, especially if you are the type of person considered as a geek. But is this an accurate assumption? What does geek mean? Geeks are often thought of as shy, highly intelligent, and preoccupied by their interests, and thus they tend to find it difficult making friends. Indeed, it is a common stereotype that geeks only become friends with other geeks. However, how to make friends in college is no great mystery. Even if you are a nerd boy or nerd girl who already have geek friends, you may still want to know how to meet new people, how to make more friends of the non-geek type, or even how to meet girls and boys. In this post, we provide some college advice and student tips on how to find geek friends at college.

Ways to Find New Friends in College

  • Know What You Want. The first thing to do is to know what type of friends you are looking for, since this will help you refine your search for friends. For instance, if you are a tech geek looking for a computer geek, then obviously you shouldn’t look for new friends in an arts class. A geek looking for another geek should focus in places where geek things or geek stuff are the orders of the day. Also, remember that you’re not looking for friends to ask them to “write my essay,” just to share your interests with them.”
  • Join Organizations. If you’re a geek and you want to know how to meet friends, then joining organizations is one way for you to find friends. Joining organizations help you meet people who share your interests. After all, people who share the same interests are more likely to become friends than those who don’t. Literature geek? Join a book club! Movie geek? Join film clubs! Regardless of the type of geek you are, you’ll find an organization devoted to your interests.
  • Visit Popular Hangouts. Another answer to the question of how to get friends is by visiting popular hangouts. Students tend to gather in popular hangouts, be it a coffee shop, a park, along the corridors of buildings, parks, cafeterias, or even the library. Staying in popular hangouts will help you meet new people and make new friends.
  • Campus Events. Like popular hangouts, campus events also tend to be magnets for students. Depending on the types of friends you seek, attending campus events connects you with people who may share your passions. For instance, a symposium featuring geek gadgets is an event where you can meet other geeks or even a nerdy girl.
  • Join Online Forums. For the more shy person, one way to make friends is by joining online forums for students. Schools tend to have online forums where students can interact with each other or discuss topics on campus life. By joining online forums, you’re given the chance to meet people without the pressure of face-to-face contact. Online forums also let you establish friendships that may eventually grow once you meet in person.Plus, if you’re studying to be an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner and your classes are all online, searching these forums out means you won’t have to miss out on the friendship element of college, which is great for all concerned. 
  • Internships. Internships are also another way to find friends. During internships, you will have the chance to work and collaborate with people who may share the same interests as well as academic and professionals goals. Joining internships, therefore, is a great way to not only find friends but also establish academic and professional networks.
  • Be Confident and Assertive. Finally, making friends is also about being confident and assertive. Though you may think that people tend to avoid geeks, the reality is that a lot of people actually want to be friends with geeks. Some even ask how to be a geek in order to become one. So have the courage to approach people, introduce yourself, and ask people out; you’ll find that people can be far friendlier and more accommodating than they look.

Be Your Authentic Self

Meeting new people doesn’t always equate with making new friends. Assuming that you meet new friends, you might wonder how to make people like you. The answer is simple: just be your authentic self. As a geek, you are an intelligent person who’s well-versed when it comes to science, technology, and culture. So in your quest to answer the question of how to find geek friends at college, just be you and you’ll find that people will gravitate towards your dynamic personality with ease. As a well-informed individual, you can even be your friends’ source of interesting service including Custom Essay Service that has been a source of help for countless people around the world.

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