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February movie preview: (furry) blue valentine

February Movie Preview: (Furry) Blue Valentine

With the release of our February movie preview, it’s time to start planning that perfect night with your special someone. Luckily we have the perfect Valentine’s Day movie date for you. Nothing says romance like a talking blue hedgehog with super speed attempting to thwart an evil genius. It really sets the heart aflutter. But…

February movie preview: date night animation

February Movie Preview: Date Night Animation

As Valentine’s Day comes around, it’s the perfect opportunity to go out to dinner and then hit the theater with that special someone. What are you going to see? Well the two biggest February movies on the docket are animated titles directed toward children. There are some other releases that could fit your big date night….

February movie preview: ‘black’ and ‘grey’ for valentine’s day

February Movie Preview: ‘Black’ and ‘Grey’ for Valentine’s Day

I seem to remember February movies giving folks options for Valentine’s Day date nights. But for the last few years, the romance entries are limited. The only option in that genre this year would be Fifty Shades Freed. Peter Rabbit looks more romantic and that’s about frenemies who happen to be a farmer and a…

February movie preview: where have all the rom-coms gone?

February Movie Preview: Where Have All the Rom-Coms Gone?

With a holiday built around couples going on dates, I would expect February to be filled with movies well suited for Valentine’s Day. But instead February movies this year are one creepy release after another. We have horror, psychological thrillers, and violent action all present. There’s even one sequel described as an “erotic romantic drama.”…

February movie preview: plan your valentine’s day accordingly

February Movie Preview: Plan Your Valentine’s Day Accordingly

So have you seen all the Oscar nominees yet? Well if you haven’t, you still have time. But the box office machine keeps rolling in February with a whole new slate of movies. We have stars like Channing Tatum and Will Smith. We have large-scale sci fi and fantasy titles. We even have movies that…