App review: pushbullet has some surprisingly awesome features

App Review: Pushbullet Has Some Surprisingly Awesome Features

At first when you read about Pushbullet, its functionalities will seem almost trivial – after all, there have been plenty of apps which can transfer files from your phone to PC and vice-versa, haven’t there? So, what is so special about this app? As you read on, you will find that Pushbullet is similar to…

Google keep review: is it superior to all the other note-taking apps?

Google Keep Review: Is It Superior to All the Other Note-Taking Apps?

When Google released its new Notes App, Google Keep, we all presumed it would be just another note-taking app. When I started using Keep, I couldn’t distinguish it from the usual Sticky Notes we use on our PCs. However, it was only after a few days of exploring it completely, that I was able to…

Plan a girls night with ‘night out’ – app review

Plan a Girls Night with ‘Night Out’ – App Review

“Sex and the City” may have ended its run back in 2004, but it had a lot to offer us ladies. (I would argue it still has a lot to offer, but that’s a different article for a different day.) If nothing else, Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte taught us the value of female friendships….

Get the ultimate virtual makeover with modiface

Get the Ultimate Virtual Makeover with ModiFace

Halloween is only mere days away now.  And in all the excitement and hustle, it seems appropriate to review a makeup app like ModiFace. Available on all platforms, including desktop, this is one makeover app that isn’t gimmicky, childish or unrealistic. As someone who was never all that interested in makeup until recently, sometimes it’s…

Turning the casual taster into a pro – vivino wine app review

Turning The Casual Taster Into A Pro – Vivino Wine App Review

The most frustrating thing about wine, besides the occasional hangover, is tasting an exceptionally wonderful wine while you are out to dinner and then not being able to recall that particular wine a couple of weeks later when you are really in the mood for another glass. Vivino wine app to the rescue. With over…

Welcome to “the end of worry” with bsafe you

Welcome to “The End of Worry” with bSafe You

bSafe  You is one of many personal safety apps available for Apple and Android users, but it had some updates this year.  It ranked among the top safety apps, and not just from geeky-tech sites either. Elle listed it at the top of their apps for women’s safety, too. Even if fashion-girls aren’t always geek-girls, they…

Skin deep app review: finding safe personal care products

Skin Deep App Review: Finding Safe Personal Care Products

Skin Deep database from Environmental Working Group (EWG) began as an online database to provide safety profiles for personal care products. Now, 8 years later EWG has launched an accompanying app that allows users to search over 70,000 products. EWG aims to provide consumers with the power of information to protect our health and environment….

App review: zoodles ‘kid mode’

App Review: Zoodles ‘Kid Mode’

You know how kids always be getting into your phone, sending pictures of their thumbs to your boss, deleting important messages and trying to call long distance to talk to Elmo? Now, there’s a way around it. But is it worth the download? These Kids Should Get Off My Interwebs And Into Zoodles Back in…

Temple run 2 review

Temple Run 2 Review

Keep Running The original Temple Run has been downloaded 170 million times. 170 million. That’s ridiculous. The small indie developer, Imangi Studios, who created the monster, could have never have predicted the game’s success. The game is based on a simple concept. Essentially, you run for as long as possible without running into a tree,…