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Plan a Girls Night with ‘Night Out’ – App Review

“Sex and the City” may have ended its run back in 2004, but it had a lot to offer us ladies. (I would argue it still has a lot to offer, but that’s a different article for a different day.) If nothing else, Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte taught us the value of female friendships. And what better what to keep your gal pals tight than planning a regular girls night out!

Enter Night Out

Download the app from the Play Store or iTunes. Open and you’ll come to the main screen where you can choose your city. No account setup or login is required unless you want to save your location, make purchases and redeem deals. All of which can be done instantly and easily from your mobile device.

Night out home

If you don’t see your town or city here, try setting up an account. I did this to no avail because my actual city isn’t listed, but it will still let you set your ultra-specific location. Keep in mind: The list of cities is not exhaustive by any means. Choosing the nearest metropolitan area may be the best you can do, for now.

Night Out Features

Night Out gives you access to several features, in theory.

Places: This is simply location info and insider insights. Night Out user photos from Instagram or up-to-the-minute happenings can be found here. This is a great tool for spur of the moment adventurers looking for the night’s best hot spot.

Denver places

Offers: Exactly what sounds like. Offers at local businesses that you can buy and redeem from your phone.

Events: You can also buy tickets for events in and around your city.

Kc events

Happy Hours: Real-time info about local happy hour locations near you and their specials!

Denver happy hours

For those who feel more comfortable with a solid plan, Night Out does have a desktop site that gives you access to all the same features. I found the app to be slow loading each new page, which could be extra-frustrating when trying to redeem offers or make purchases.

Night Out Gone Wrong

Unless I pretend to live in some larger urban city, Night Out serves no purpose for me. However, I did go to other city’s pages and they weren’t the let down that KC had. Denver and Chicago, both relatively close, had all the features available. The layout was clean and easy to navigate. However, I can’t speak to the ease or efficiency of making purchasing or redeeming deals because that seemed frivolous seeing as I wouldn’t actually be attending any of them.


Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of girl friends. As an only child, niece and granddaughter on my maternal side and one of very few girls on the paternal side, there just wasn’t a lot of exposure. There was the occasional girl friend throughout elementary school, but more often than not they moved away before we got to the crucial girl-bonding age sometime around middle school. Even now, approaching 30, my female friends are few, far between, but deeply cherished. They’re also a lot harder to make now! So when one gal pal suggested we get together, I hit up Night Out to see what I could find for us to do.

Unfortunately the Kansas City page is a huge disappointment! Granted, neither of us actually live in KC, but we’re close enough that it’s a great place to meet for a night out on the town. Or even just dinner and drinks.

I only had access to events, no Happy Hours or Offers which would have been perfect! And the events that were available weren’t anything we’d even be remotely interested in doing. I was so excited about planning a fun night out, quickly and easily, only to be let down. Not only would it make planning a breeze, but it would let us change our plans at a moment’s notice. I know Kansas City isn’t Los Angeles, or anything nearly as magical, but it has a lot going on. The fact that that isn’t represented on Night Out is saddening. I know plenty of young, trendy, movers and shakers (if you will) that would probably kill to use this app in their beloved hometown.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Night Out would be great for planning a girls night. It has everything you need to find the best locations, deals and events.  Sadly, until they up their KC game, it won’t be my go-to app to plan future rendezvous with my friends.


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