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Google Keep Review: Is It Superior to All the Other Note-Taking Apps?

When Google released its new Notes App, Google Keep, we all presumed it would be just another note-taking app. When I started using Keep, I couldn’t distinguish it from the usual Sticky Notes we use on our PCs.

However, it was only after a few days of exploring it completely, that I was able to gauge its convenience and handiness. For starters, it lets you record voice notes and add images to your lists! Another feature which sets it apart is its syncing feature, which syncs all your notes and saves them to your Google account. So even if Google decides to shut down the app, your notes will be safe in your Google drive.

Here are five fantastic things about Google Keep which appealed to me the most:

  1. Ease of use: It is the most convenient, smooth, and easy-to-use app. It lets you make quick notes and lists, and has the option of checklists, so that you can strike off the tasks that you’ve accomplished. It even has a reminder for the tasks which are important. That way, you can prioritize and make good use of your time.
  2. Sync feature: As mentioned above, the app saves all your notes in your Google Drive, by syncing them with your Google Account. You can access your notes via any of your devices; and be sure that they won’t be lost even if the app crashes. This feature is a boon if, say you make a shopping list on your desktop, but would later want to access it via your Android while you are in the market.
  3. Voice Recording, Images, Colours: This has to be the coolest feature of Keep! Clicked a picture of something important and want to be reminded of it? Don’t worry; just add it as a note in Google Keep. You can even record voice notes and add them. And there are different colours to keep your notes more organized and prioritized. All these features give an aesthetic appeal to the app which one cannot fail to notice.
  4. Labels: Each note or checklist is given a ‘label’, which can be used to represent various facets of your life. Studies, work, household chores, or leisure time – you can label your notes accordingly. This makes for a very attractive feature, which helps you work more efficiently. For e.g., if you are looking to improve your vocabulary, just create a new label ‘vocabulary’ and you can add as many words, useful links, meanings, synonyms or any other relevant information under this label.
  5. No sloppiness: Yes, this app is fast! Despite adding notes everyday, Keep works just fine and has never troubled me. It has never crashed, and has faithfully synchronized all my notes with my Google Account. So far, Keep has proved to be a wonderful note-keeping app.

However, despite all it’s awesomeness, the app does have some downsides:

  1. Organization: Although an efficient tool for managing, it can be a little difficult to organize too many notes in Keep. The notes are haphazardly scattered on the main screen; we could definitely do better with a more hierarchical structure.
  2. No text editing: This was a major disappointment. The app doesn’t even let you underline or italicize your words, let alone use different fonts to break the monotony. Everything ends up looking repetitive and there is no option of highlighting the important stuff.
  3. An important feature that Keep lacks, is ‘tags’: Keep allows us to differentiate between notes by colour code – however, that becomes confusing at times, and we feel the need of tags

All in all, if you like simple and uncomplicated apps, Google Keep will keep you satisfied and remind you of your day-to-day tasks. Some users have reportedly found the app too ‘simple’. Yes, it does lack some features, but personally, I feel that a note-keeping app is supposed to be just that – simple, basic, and uncomplicated. I will be happy to recommend it to anyone who wishes to make more efficient use of their time.


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