Rumored Amazon Phone may be Delayed Even Further

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The rumored Amazon smartphone that we have been hearing about for so long is taking too much time contrary to Amazon’s prime two-day shipping service. We have the latest reports that suggest the smartphone’s release date has been delayed even further. Keep in mind that the company hasn’t shared any details about the device, so all these reports are just based on inside sources, you should take these with a grain of salt. Previously, we heard rumors that the Amazon phone will be coming out in the second quarter of 2013, but this means that the reported release date is pretty likely to be missed.

Rumored amazone smartphone

These reports come directly from flat panel supply chain, no specific reason for the delay has been given yet, but the report states that the production at Foxconn “hasn’t been as smooth as expected to be” – looks like the manufacturing partner, Foxconn has been pretty lazy on the production of the phone, and the main reason behind the delay in the phone’s release date.The report also indicates that the Amazon phone is still under engineering verification test period due to certain issues with its mobile platform. Amazon has been tightlipped about the progress of its smartphone and mobile platform. There are no words if the Amazon phone will also run a modified version of Android like the company’s Kindle Fire tablets or maybe a completely different platform, Firefox OS maybe, but the chances of using Android are quite high.

We also heard that the phone’s production is being handled by Foxconn’s subsidiary Ensky tech – that’s also responsible for manufacturing other gadgets for the Seattle-based company like its Kindle paper white e-readers, and the Kindle Fire HD tablet.

Ensky tech has been reported to start the mass production of the Amazon phone most likely in June, so it means that the rumored release schedule has been pushed even further back by 3 months.

Although, whenever the Amazon phone comes out, we’re pretty sure that it will be able to garner some serious attention like the Kindle Fire tablets. It could be priced as low as $150 – that’s a pretty tempting price tag for a decent smartphone; and judging by the Kindle Fire HD specs, we’re certain the phone will also pack some decent specs to give it an edge over the competition, especially the Nexus 4 – which has been selling like hot cakes.

Neither of the parties have confirmed the market rumors about the device, but we’re pretty sure that Amazon is working on a “Kindle” phone to add to its Kindle line of Android devices. The new Kindle phone will also play an important part for Amazon’s App store as well.

We’re still waiting for Amazon to officially announce the phone and looking at the recent reports it seems that the announcement might not be that far actually.

What are your thoughts on Amazon phone? Do you think it will stand a chance against the likes of Nexus 4, iPhone 5 (5S) or the upcoming Galaxy S4? Let us know by commenting below.