Mico Headphones Create A Soundtrack From Your Brainwaves

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Mico Headphones Select Music For Your Mood

We recently talked about ambient intelligence here at Geek, and I thought I was so freaking clever joking how Pandora always plays guilty pleasure music at inopportune times. Ha! Music selection connected to what’s going on, it’s almost like Pandora is sentient!

New Mico headphones from Neurowear will take that further, and actually select songs based on the listener’s mood!  Mico headphones receive the wearer’s brainwaves to determine the right song to play, based entirely on how the wearer’s subconscious. If the company “Neurowear” sounds familiar to you, you might recall their recent Necomimi brainwave-controlled kitty ears. Necomimi also responds to the wearer’s brainwaves and mood, and poses the kitty ears accordingly.

Mico headphones look like giant hipster headphones, with symbols on the side to display how the wearer is feeling. (Ok, it’s a little bit cheesy for everyday wear, but sometimes it would be nice to see how someone’s feeling. Like seeing what kind of mood your boss is in before asking for a raise, or seeing your significant other’s day has been.) The headphones include brainwave sensors, and when connected to a smartphone running the associated app, Mico will determine just what song the wearer would like to hear next from an existing database of music, currently about one hundred songs. No word on whether Mico will play sad nineties rock when I think of ex-boyfriends.

Mico headphones system

Mico does not have a price point or a retail release date. It’s safe to assume this is less of an upcoming consumer tech purchase, and more of a proof-of-concept and a sign of awesome future technology. Check out the video here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyiXQgj_Nfk]

Mico does suggest some interesting applications. How about a music player that notices when you’re flagging in your workout, and pumps you up with the perfect high-energy song? What music would Mico select for you?