Review: SKG’s F5 Massage Gun

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As I’ve admitted time and time again, I’m always in a lot of pain. So anytime I get offered to review a product that may help with that, I usually accept. However, this F5 massage gun is the first massager I’ve undertaken and I have to say, I probably won’t accept any more.

Because I don’t need them!

I don’t know about you but I’ve had several of those large beasts that while they may feel good, they have to be plugged in and weigh so much that that if your body is as screwed up as mine, leaves you only able to massage yourself for short periods of time. Heck, even my wife can only use those for a few minutes on me before her hands give out (she has neuropathy).

But neither of those are true with the SKG‘s F5!

For real, Geeks, this baby is light, light, light (just 300 grams / slightly over half a pound) yet feels nice and durable. It also has 3 different speeds, a heating option with 3 intensities which marks the first time that this feature has been embedded in a device of this nature, is SUPER quiet, comes with a couple of different attachments to help you really get to those sore spots, and it’s wireless and rechargeable as well.

The charge lasts a good long while and though I don’t use the heating option all that often, I crank the massager up to the highest setting and use it on my neck and shoulders and I tell ya, The F5 massage gun is DAMNED nice.

Unfortunately, since I’ve been in and out of the hospital lately, I missed getting you folks an Amazon coupon for this but even so, the price is WELL worth it, y’all.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, review: skg’s f5 massage gun, reviews

Check out the actual specs:

3 therapeutic massage modes: They vary in intensity, up to 3200 rpm for deep muscle relaxation.

Heating Function: A unique built-in heating mechanism is housed at the bottom of the device and has three levels of temperature: 104, 118, and 127 degrees Fahrenheit.

Three Massage Heads:

  • Gentle and soothing massage head (soft) 
  • Deep relaxing massage head (hard) 
  • Hand-simulating massage head 

Super Quiet: 5V brushless motor and high-quality bearing make this device extremely quiet.

Charge: Fully charged, it can be used for 10 minutes a day for 18 days, at the lowest level. This is three hours of battery charge.

I’m telling you my fellow Geeks, if you need a good massager that is easy to use AND does a good job, the SKG F5 is the way to go.

About SKG: 

Founded in 2007, SKG is a high-tech R&D company that specializes in developing massage devices. SKG combines the best of fashion and technology to create beautifully-designed products to enable healthier lifestyles. In a modern world full of stress, SKG is committed to delivering health and relaxation products to help people live longer, and healthier. SKG’s products have received recognition from the international design community, including the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award. 

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