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Need Pain Relief? Check This Out…

Okay, first let me start by saying that I have not received any compensation for this article. Yet at least… I say that because if they wanna send me some free swag after reading this, I won’t decline, LOL.

Anyway, I’m writing this because I truly do believe in the product.

As many of you know, I am disabled and suffer from all sorts of pain. I have two implanted neurostimulator/spinal cord stimulators, one for my neck and one for my lumbar. In fact, as of this writing, I have another surgery next week because my spinal cord is compressed in my neck and it has been causing severe pain in my neck and shoulders as well as major weakness in my left arm and hand. So, they’re going to try to fix it.

I’m sharing this because I’ve used virtually every pain product out there and I’d damn near lick a frog’s ass if it was shown to help. I refuse to take opioids unless the pain is completely out of control and I generally just use marijuana to provide a little relief.

I’ve also tried a lot of CBD products and while some of them helped a little, the Delta-8 Roll On from Hometown Hero CBD is hands down the best I’ve ever tried. I’ll admit that I was first introduced to them via a product review a while back but it was so good, I’ve made several outright purchases from them.

In fact, I just bought two bottles last week. One for my wife and myself and one for my sister-in-law and mother-in-law. That’s how good this is, folks. My MIL used it on her neck that had a good-sized swollen area and she got a good bit of relief from the tightness and aches. SIL used it on her calves, and boom, the pain was gone. My wife has neuropathy that affects her hands and she said it helps her “big time.”

Personally, I use it in quite a few spots. My neck and shoulders first off because it actually helps loosen them up as well as lessen the pain. My thoracic area because anytime it rains, I’m in excruciating pain and the Delta-8 takes it from a 9 down to a 5 or 6 on the pain scale. I actually call this area my “rain gauge” because it is more accurate and reliable than ANY weatherman.

Then there’s my lumbar which is always hurting and I’ve actually burned it to a near-crisp with heating pads because that’s generally the only relief I get. However, once again Hometown Hero’s Delta-8 helps immensely.

Lastly, because of my own neuropathy, I use it daily on my left calf and it takes me from a major limp to a light one.

What I’m trying to say my fellow Geeks… is that this stuff WORKS.

I also tried their gummies and pre-rolls and while those products are great in their own right and I’d definitely purchase more, the roll-on is by far the best in my personal opinion. As well as my wife’s as I shared the other goodies with her as well. 

Another huge plus for Hometown Hero CBD is not only do they have some really great products, but they are also veteran owned and a portion of the profits made from every product sold gets donated to nonprofit organizations that help veterans.

So, if you suffer from any sort of muscular pain or neuropathy issues, I do highly recommend the Delta-8 Roll On.


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