March movie preview- 'captain marvel'

March Movie Preview: Marvel-ous March

Another fun month for movies is on the horizon. There is a Tyler Perry comedy, a Jordan Peele horror, and a Tim Burton Disney movie. But the main event among March movies is the long-awaited arrival of Captain Marvel. We’ll have to hold off until April to see if she is the savior of the Avengers. But in the meantime, we get her origin story. Here’s our full March movie preview.

March 1stGreta, A Madea Family Funeral

Watching the trailer for Greta is a roller coaster. It begins with Chloe Grace Moretz’s character finding a purse left on the subway. After delivering it back to a seemingly lonely women named Greta played by Isabelle Huppert, the two strike up a friendship. That is until the woman finds a cabinet filled with identical purses and IDs in Greta’s house. It’s a trap! Turns out Greta is some kind of crazy stalker/maybe killer who then won’t leave her new friend alone.

For the eleventh and final time we have the chance to see Tyler Perry’s Madea character on the big screen. This latest installment in the over the top franchise is A Madea Family Funeral. But no, it isn’t the title character who bit the dust. It’s a relative. Whether or not you like the movies, you have to admire how Tyler Perry wrote, directed, and produced the film while starring as several of the characters. Not to mention the fact that he films these things in no time at all. Sometimes in as little as one week.

March 8thCaptain Marvel

From the moment Nick Fury pulled out his superhero beeper after getting snapped in Avengers: Infinity War, the world has been counting down the minutes to meet Captain Marvel. Taking place in the 90s, Brie Larson plays the title character who happens to be one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. Familiar Marvel faces like Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Coulson (Clark Gregg), and Ronan (Lee Pace) return to bridge the hero to the MCU as we know it.

March 15thFive Feet Apart, Wonder Park

Cole Sprouse takes off his Jughead hat for Five Feet Apart, a dramedy about two teenagers fighting illness in the same hospital when a romance blossoms. However, since they’re both sick they can’t get too close to each other. As they grow (emotionally) closer, they begin to bring out the best one another. Haley Lu Richardson from Split plays the other lead.

Wonder Park is an animated feature where a young girl’s imagination comes to life in the form of a magical amusement park. Jennifer Garner, Kenan Thompson, and Mila Kunis provide their voices as well as newcomer Brianna Denski, who plays the lead.

March movie preview- 'us'
‘Us’ (Source: IMDB)

March 22ndUs

You better get your sleep in now because it won’t be happening after you see Us. Jordan Peele’s new horror film has a family being terrorized by a group of people who look just like them. Is it them? Are the clones or something? I don’t know, but it sure looks scary. Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke star. Peele’s stock is very high after Get Out. So this one has some high expectations.

March 29thDumbo, Unplanned

The latest Disney animated movie to get the live-action treatment is Dumbo. The director of your Halloween movie marathons, Tim Burton, helms the return of the big eared elephant. Remember his Alice in Wonderland film from 2010 did quite well. I always found the Dumbo cartoon odd when I was a kid. I imagine Burton will double down on that element. The cast is great with Eva Green, Colin Farrell, and Michael Keaton receiving top billing.

Unplanned is a biographical film about a woman named Abby Johnson, who worked at Planned Parenthood in Texas for many years before quitting to become a pro-life advocate. Ashley Bratcher stars as Johnson.

I would lose my geek card if Captain Marvel wasn’t my most-anticipated pick among the March movies. I’m usually a pretty big Tim Burton fan. So I guess Dumbo has to be my second choice. But I’m tentative about that one. I will probably not be seeing Us however. I don’t want to freak out every time I see my own reflection in the mirror. It’s me come to kill me!

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