Jay Leno and a Cybertruck Test Drive

Jay leno and tesla

Remember the Cybertruck? Jay Leno does and is seen here driving around with Elon Musk in one of these vehicles. See, Leno has a show on CNBC called Jay Leno’s Garage.

Who better to have on an episode of your show than someone like Elon Musk who’s leading one of the most controversial car companies in the world?

The Jay Leno Promo Video

One of the compelling points in the video is how Musk notes show cars are not up to par with production vehicles. He also states the truck is effectively bullet-proof and comes with armored glass.

Most people don’t need that much-embedded security in their car. Why would you add that to the vehicle? Musk in notes in the promo “because it’s badass and super cool.” 

The leaders and engineers at Tesla will still have to iron out a few issues with the production vehicle, like reducing dimension to place in a regular garage.

SpaceX, NASA, and Tom Cruise

What’s the using of repeating the same events over and over again? That is quite likely what Tom Cruise is thinking as he looks to shoot a movie in space. Deadline notes that Elon Musk and Tom Cruise are planning on shooting a movie on the International Space Station. It is Tom Cruise, so you know it will be an adrenaline inducing thriller.

The partners in this potential production will be Elon Musk, NASA, and Tom Cruise and his potential backers. Shooting should take place on the International Space Station. NASA is interested in seeing this take place as it will help to bring even more attention to what they are doing in space. NASA and other space oriented organizations need to have more smart minds to help make audacious goals come true.

NASA’s plans with public private partnerships range from going to Mars to letting astronauts live out in Space for quite sometime.

Other Tesla News

Remember when Musk said that the latest Tesla Roadster would come with a SpaceX package? It seems like that is definitely going to be present. We see a further commitment to this SpaceX package in the Jay Leno’s Garage episode. 

This SpaceX rocket thruster option is another case of why would someone need it in their vehicle? It is not about needing it about wants. It is about the ability to flex and add more flavor to life.

The way Musk describes the thruster makes it seem like it is driving a James Bond vehicle.

Consumers will have to wait for another two years to see this latest version of the Tesla Roadster. They are looking to push this even more and bring about compelling features and specifications to push the needle forward. 

There is a lot of activity happening within the Tesla, and SpaceX camp over the next few years. Stay tuned as we keep you up to date with the latest news.

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