Axiom and the Space Hotel

Axiom hotel

Space is the Next Destination and Axiom Will Provide Housing

Face it. The coronavirus will be over soon and you’ll start to move around like one who wants to carpe diem all day everyday. Those more avid travelers among us will wander and roam this earthly domain. 

But soon they’ll get somewhat tired and weary of what this beautiful earth has to offer. Where will they go after?

No, it can’t just be the virtual domain where we put on our virtual reality headsets and explore bits and bytes it must be something more epic and real. So where will they go ?

Where else but the mystery that is Space, of course.

Further, those who seek to wander in space must still have lodging and that’s where Axiom comes in.

Did you know that there’s a company called Axiom that is building a Space Hotel? The Space Home will house NASA and space tourists. That’s right, it’s another company in the category of space tourism that is quickly picking up with people like SpaceX and other companies getting involved.

Let’s find out more about Axiom.

A Bit about Axiom

Axiom is a space discovery entity that is based in Houston Texas of all places. It is designing and shipping a space tourism product that will take space travelers to the International Space Station.

It states “the first elements of Axiom will attach to the forward node of the ISS, providing modern accommodations for more astronauts, a first-of-its-kind immersive view of our beautiful Earth, and additional research and manufacturing volume.”

The firm is collaborating with NASA and Philippe Starck to create comfortable stays for space travelers. It is an interesting cast of entities that are working to make this a reality and it seems as if they are perfect for the job.

What Will It Cost To Get To the Axiom Space Station?

Remember that it will cost at least $35,000 to experience the Axiom Space Station. But your costs will not simply stop with your hard earned cash. That’s because those who seek to enter space must pay dearly with their time, focus, and dedication.

You must know that a trip to the Axiom Space Station will require more than 10 weeks of training where you will undergo a simulation of what you will experience in space. 

When Can I Go to My Space Hotel?

The firm estimates that you can go to the Internal Space Station-connected space hotel by 2024. Will it certainly happen by then? I’m not sure but I know that there is a flurry of activity that is happening within this sector. The stay should be fantastic and the views amazing. The firm is planning for the present and the future as it seeks to stick around for the long-term. For instance, it realizes that ISS will wind down within a decade and seeks to operate independently as quickly as possible.

Low earth orbit settlement is going to be a fascinating next step in the space colonization phase of space exploration.

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