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How to Start Writing Essays on Your Smartphone Instead of a PC

Many students believe that essay writing is too difficult no matter whether they use smartphones or PC. It is a very common problem, and if you understand that you can’t write a good paper at all, you need to get some writing help. This is why I recommend looking at WritingCheap or another reliable writing service.

Recent performance tests of smartphones prompt the thought: is a modern smartphone worse than a desktop or laptop? A smartphone with 8, even 12 GB of RAM, vast user memory, and multi-core processors – we can’t help but compare them with computers, which until recently could be considered top-end. That’s why it is a good time to start using a smartphone instead of a PC when writing an essay.

How to Start Writing Essays on the Smartphone: Let’s Figure It Out

There are a lot of factors that indicate that a smartphone as a working tool is able to replace a PC. For example, smartphones have sophisticated T9 technology for predictive text, so you can type your essay faster, more conveniently, and your mistakes will be corrected. On the one hand, if for you it is convenient to type on the keyboard and the smartphone screen is not big enough, you can solve this problem with the help of third-party devices. You can get a Bluetooth keyboard, and similarly, pair your smartphone with a full-fledged monitor.

The main task of the smartphone is to be a mobile device, and to imagine a person who walks everywhere with a monitor is quite difficult. So, let’s say that we use a smartphone as a stationary PC. What is the main feature? The system block is quite bulky, and it takes up a lot of space. That’s why a smartphone is much more convenient for you to write an essay or do some other things.

Convenient Apps for Writing Essays

The notepad in your smartphone is a perfect way to grab a clever idea by the tail and hold on to the suddenly surging inspiration. Mobile applications for writing essays are the same as a notebook, only more reliable than paper and offering more possibilities. The phone “notebook” is able to contain more information, and it allows you to format the texts as you like. And that’s not all.

iA Writer

This is an app for fans of minimalism. The application has a simple design that is presented as a paper sheet, and it lacks many features and settings. The app was originally created for iPhones, but they recently created a version for Android smartphones.


The app offers a wider functionality and a pleasant design. In the application, you can customize styles for various types of notes, such as for stories and essays, as well as create separate folders and save records in TXT format. The app offers an improved version that is expanded with great media effects.

Evernote, MomentDiary, FiiWrite

These three applications are similar in functionality – they save not only copyright texts, but also contacts, media files, and comments to them, and they contain “reminders” and other useful features. They differ mainly in design.

Mobile applications are useful tools for those who prefer to write essays at any place and who get creative ideas on the go.

Final Note

As you might notice, using your smartphone can be more convenient than a PC for writing your essays. If you want to deal with essay writing as soon as possible, install the special app of your choice and simply start writing anywhere you are. Good luck with your essay writing!

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