Best fintech apps

Top Fintech App Development Companies

Smartphones have penetrated all areas of work. And the financial industry is also expanding this list. At present, we use mobile phones to pay bills, do some shopping, and others. So, fintech software saves our time that we could spend on going to the bank or a traditional store. Moreover, it is safe and available.

Fintech apps

In this article, we will review which fintech app development companies are leading the market in 2020. This list is based on these companies’ levels of expertise, worthiness, and availability. Read on to know what is the future of fintech.

The Best Financial App Development Companies in 2020

You require an expert software engineering company to build fintech software. Besides, it should provide a team of dedicated employees. They must have specialist expertise in developing this kind of apps. The following companies meet these requirements.

  1. Mangosoft is a software engineering company. Its team of developers has relevant expertise for building a fintech application for you. Many years of experience make Mangosoft competitive. Also, they guarantee the building of a top-notch custom solution for your business.
  1. OpenXcell specializes in building mobile software. The company is recognized for its unique facilities and dedicated group of mobile app programmers. OpenXcell develops effective strategies, attractive design, and successful ad campaigns for fintech projects.
  1. Swenson He is a software engineering company. It has a skillful group of specialists. They build tailor-made fintech solutions both for big businesses and startup companies. Its policy implies delivering desired results to its clients. It is due to prioritizing customer experience.

Top Fintech Trend: Integration of Voice-Assisted Banking into a Financial App

At present, such smart speakers like Sonos One and Apple HomePod are widespread. The same is with assistants like Alexa. As for 2020, voice banking seems well-known. Undoubtedly, all banks will use these technologies for work soon. For now, top financial app developers integrate web robots in fintech software. It helps users exchange messages and to solve their financial issues. Yet, artificial intelligence is about to expand the use of voice-assisted banking technologies.

Top Fintech Service: API Integration in Financial Application Development

The software uses API to interact with one another. It also helps to determine the principles of interaction and anticipated outcomes. By using API, developers can create massive apps. Furthermore, they do not need to restore special functions for each software. As for fintech, programming interfaces promote partial due diligence, as well as Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering procedures. 

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