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The Lunar Looking Art Piece

This is an excellent piece for space enthusiasts. DeskSpace captures one of the most historic feats of human history, and that too on a perfect scale. After half a century of man landing on the moon NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was able to chart the real topography on the moon. DeskSpace was able to recreate this mapping carefully on jewellery grade concrete. The completed product made with care in an artisinal manner. The product is made from a precision machine using an aluminum base that is space-grade. This desk necessity is not only unique but also fascinating to everyone who will come across your workspace. It is meant to start conversations and help you express your interest in space.

The DeskSpace makes an excellent choice for a present for space aficionados. This will be the missing piece to their collection. I’m even thinking about it getting it for my workspace.

The piece pays homage to the lunar landing. For this, the DeskSpace is now available with a rocket stand and ballpoint pen. The bespoke collection imitates the events of the Apollo 11 mission. It therefore looks like it is ready to take off towards the lunar surface, creating a striking image and a reminder that humanity has come so far and can go even farther.

What’s not to love about that level of ambition encapsulated on a life-like piece?

With this, there is also a custom made notebook of a hardback with the DeskSpace logo. The pen and book are created from precision CNC machined aerospace-grade aluminum that utilizes custom tools. Its parts are anodized in a hue that is identical to the grey of the moon. The creators behind the piece have tirelessly searched for the right mineral that fits the complexities that you see in pictures of the moon. The lunar surface is unique in the fact that no other surface on earth can mimic it. Each mold has a foundation of Portland cement. The bubbles have to be individually given attention so that they come out to be precise to scale and texture.

It is a great piece and it shows that the creators of the project paid close attention to detail overall. The Kickstarter project will run until April 16, 2020.

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