How to Screenshot on Mac? A Pocket Guide

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Using keyboard shortcuts is the most common way to take a screenshot on Mac. The answer to the question “How to Screenshot on Mac?’” is inclusive of capturing the entire screen, capturing a portion of the screen, and capturing an individual window or menu.

The Screenshot app can be used for these functionalities on macOS Mojave and later versions. The Grab Utility Tool is an effective software for taking screenshots on macOS High Sierra and its earlier versions. Pressing Command+Shift+3 is the best option for taking a screenshot of the entire screen. Command+Shift+4 can be used for capturing a portion of the screen. Pressing Command+Shift+4+spacebar is the recommended option for capturing a window or menu. Command+Shift+5 can be used to open the Screenshot app on macOS Mojave and its later versions. “How to Screenshot on Mac?” has some innovative solutions like the best apps for taking screenshots such as CleanShot X, Snagit, Xnapper, Lightshot, and Shottr. 

The first step involved in taking screenshots on Mac is to ensure that the screen displays exactly what we want to show in our screenshot image. The keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+3 will take a screenshot of everything on our screen. Finding screenshot on the desktop is the first step and the screenshot can be attached as an email or uploaded to the web. The steps in taking a screenshot of the portion of the screen include pressing Command+Shift+4, dragging the cursor to highlight the area, finding a screenshot on the desktop, and using the screenshot. 

The process of capturing an open window is completed by pressing Command+Shift+4+Spacebar, moving the cursor over the window we want to capture, clicking on the window, finding a screenshot on the desktop, and using the screenshot. Saving a screenshot to the clipboard includes pressing Command+Control+Shift+3 and using Command+V to paste our image.

How to Screenshot on Mac? Some Novel Solutions 

The Screenshot app on Mojave and its later version is a classic solution to ‘How to Screenshot on Mac?”. Using the screenshot app on Mojave and its later versions is as simple as a straight line with pressing Command+Shift+5, selecting a tool, clicking Options, and clicking Capture. 

There is an elegant alternative for the question ‘How to Screenshot on Mac?’’ known as the Grab Utility Tool. This splendid tool was replaced by the Screenshot app in macOS later versions.

Xnapper is a powerful and feature-rich screenshot tool for Mac that lets users capture captivating screenshots. It boasts of a clean and easy-to-use user interface that is optimized for superb performance on Mac computers.

How to screenshot on a mac

Cleanshot X is a feature-rich screenshot tool for Mac that makes it a fantastic screen-capturing tool. Screen capturing software like Cleanshot X showcases the spirit of technology innovation surrounding Mac from gavel to gavel.

Snagit is a video recording and screen capture software blessed with powerful features and it is a fabulous tool for professionals in need of advanced screenshot functionalities. Its feature of scrolling capture is marvelous that lets us take a screenshot of a web page or document effortlessly.

The tech world has given a red carpet welcome to popular screenshot apps on Mac like Xnapper, Cleanshot X, and Snagit. The answer to the question ‘How to Screenshot on Mac?” has undergone a massive transformation with the advent of brand new screen-capturing software for Mac. 

How to Screenshot on iPhone? 

The steps in taking a screenshot on iPhone is dependent on the model of the iPhone and it involves pressing two buttons simultaneously. 

Steps to take Screenshots on iPhone 

Find the app, image, or webpage we want to take a screenshot 

Press the side button and volume up button simultaneously

Tap a tiny version of the screenshot for editing 

View taken screenshot in the Photos app 

Pinpoint, DS Screenshot, Screenshot Frame Maker, and Screenshot Maker Pro are the most popular tools for taking screenshots on Mac. 

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