Samsung Messages App: 6 Features You’ll Love

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When it comes to the Samsung Messages app, there’s more than meets the eye. While you’re most assuredly aware that it offers basic SMS texting, the Samsung Messages app has other features that you may find quite handy.

Whether you have the latest Galaxy S24 or an older Samsung device, the following features may be worth checking out in your Messages app.

Schedule Messages

One of the standout features of the Samsung Messages app is the ability to schedule your messages to be sent at a later time or date. This feature is particularly useful for remembering birthdays, anniversaries, or sending messages at the most appropriate time without having to wait.

To do that:

  • Start a text .
  • Type your message.
  • Tap the arrow in the left corner.
  • Tap the + and select “Schedule Message.”
  • Pick the desired date/time and press “Done.”
  • Hit Send


  • Type your message
  • Tap and hold the Send button
  • Select “Schedule message.”
  • Pick the desired date/time and press “Done.”

Personalize Your Conversations

Enhance your chat experience by personalizing conversations with your favorite contacts. This customization allows you to add a unique touch to your chats, making them visually appealing and enjoyable. Simply open the conversation you wish to customize, tap on the three dots at the top for more options, and choose “Customize Chat Room” to start giving your chat room its special flair.

In this section of the Samsung Messages app, you have the freedom to modify the appearance of your conversations significantly. Adjust the background color, chat bubble transparency, and text contrast to align with your preferences. Utilize the sliders to fine-tune these visual effects to the exact intensity you desire. For a more personal touch, you can select an image from your gallery to serve as the background of your chat room by pressing the gallery icon. Should you wish to discard your customizations and return to the original aesthetics, simply select “Reset” to undo all modifications.

Organize Conversations with Categories

Effortlessly streamline and organize your inbox by categorizing conversations. This feature allows you to prioritize and quickly access messages from key contacts. Simply head to the main screen of the Samsung Messages app, tap on the three dots at the top for more options, and choose “Edit Categories” from the menu that appears. This organization tool helps in keeping your messaging environment tidy and focused on what matters most to you.

To further customize your organization, click on “Add Category” to create a new segment. This step allows you to designate unique categories for different groups, such as family or colleagues. After labeling your new category, select “Add” to finalize its creation. This process enables you to tailor your messaging app’s organization to your personal or professional needs, ensuring that important conversations are always at your fingertips.

With this newly created category prominently displayed on the app’s main screen, you can effortlessly tap on it to swiftly access conversations with your favorite contacts.

Samsung messages app features

Samsung Messages App Auto Delete

If you find your inbox overwhelmed with a mountain of outdated messages, many of which are unnecessary automated communications from businesses, Samsung Messages offers a solution to declutter your space. This feature facilitates the automatic removal of old messages, clearing the way for incoming messages and photos. To activate this cleanliness feature, simply navigate to the “More Settings” option and enable the “Delete Old Messages” toggle.

When your inbox hits the threshold of 1000 text messages or 100 multimedia attachments, the Samsung Messages app automatically purges the oldest entries. This seamless purging process ensures your storage remains optimized for new messages, eliminating the need for manual deletion of old content. This feature is especially handy for keeping your messaging experience streamlined and efficient.

Customize Your Quick Replies

The Samsung Messages app not only includes several predefined quick replies like “Sorry, I missed your call,” “I’m running late, but I’ll be there soon,” and “Please call me when you get this message,” but it also offers the flexibility to create your own. This feature is perfect for crafting responses that you find yourself using often across various conversations. Whether it’s a simple “On my way!” or a more personalized message, customizing your quick replies can save you time and make your communication more efficient.

This can be easily done by navigating to the “More Settings” menu and selecting “Quick Responses,” tap the plus icon located at the top, input your desired text, and then press “Save” to apply the changes.

To remove a quick response, simply press and hold the response you wish to delete and tap “Delete.” Additionally, you can customize the order of your quick responses by dragging the handle next to each response to your preferred position.


Accidentally deleting important messages can often lead to frustration, especially when most messaging apps offer no recourse for retrieval. However, the Samsung Messages app provides a safety net for such incidents. Instead of permanently erasing your deleted messages immediately, the app moves them to a trash folder where they remain accessible for 30 days. This temporary storage allows you the opportunity to recover any messages deleted in haste or by mistake before they are permanently removed from the system.

To recover a message you’ve unintentionally deleted, click on the three dots at the top of the main screen and choose “Trash” from the dropdown menu, open the conversation where the message was located, tap “Edit,” choose the specific message you wish to retrieve, and then select “Restore. The reinstated message will be seamlessly integrated back into its initial position within the conversation thread.

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