New technology trends of 2024: a crash course

New Technology Trends of 2024: A Crash Course

New technology trends of 2024 are marked by evolving technology at a blitzkrieg pace and they will bring simplicity, efficacy and innovation to our daily lives in the post Covid world. Latest technologies have a big impact on business growth of the contemporary era and they take businesses to a new world of technology transformation….

Must read technology books: a mini super course

Must Read Technology Books: A Mini Super Course

‘Must read technology books’ help readers get a fresh perspective on emerging technologies transforming the digital world. The list of ‘must read technology books’ will be beneficial for CIOs and IT masterminds of 2024. Business leaders can delve into the details of key technologies and associated challenges that companies may face in 2024 and beyond…

How to screenshot on mac? A pocket guide

How to Screenshot on Mac? A Pocket Guide

Using keyboard shortcuts is the most common way to take a screenshot on Mac. The answer to the question “How to Screenshot on Mac?’” is inclusive of capturing the entire screen, capturing a portion of the screen, and capturing an individual window or menu. The Screenshot app can be used for these functionalities on macOS…

New gadgets and tech of 2024: an indispensable guide

New Gadgets and Tech of 2024: An Indispensable Guide

It’s a well-known fact that the best tech gadgets of 2024 are all about making our lives more enjoyable and easier. New gadgets and tech illustrate the latest innovations and emerging trends in the rapidly evolving global tech landscape. The impressive list of the best tech gadgets of 2024 includes Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet, Anker…