Avenue 5

HBO Series Avenue 5 Fails to Measure Up

Avenue 5 and Troubles in Space Travels

People saw the trailers for Avenue 5. They were delighted to see something that could be amazing. It looked like an intelligent sci-fi series with a selective cast, and a story of doom from what started as an intergalactic vacation. Viewers could not precisely pin what was going on beyond that. They knew or thought it would be funny, and it would be good because Dr. House was in it.

Created by Armando Ianucci, Avenue 5 revolves around an 8-week space voyage. Ryan Clark steers the spaceship, Clark is played by Hugh Laurie. A stereotypical revolting millionaire owns the ship, Herman Judd, played by Josh Gad. However, after an accident involving a gravity flip that kills an engineer, their journey turns from weeks to 3 years, and all hell breaks loose.

What Do Critics Say?

The story is too in your face. The creators have failed at subtlety and cut to the chase by making social characters explicitly pronounced. Critics also state that some of the characters seem as if they are forced to take on a role that they can’t pull off. But then, there are those in the show that does a compelling job. For instance, take Matt Spencer, played by Zach Woods, the Relationships Officer who is incompetent at the one job that he has, and cannot calm the chaos on board. If you recall Zach Woods, is one who’s had roles on The Office, Silicon Valley, and a slew of other films and shows where he has similar personalities.

Critics mostly say that it seems like a forced show with potentially cringe comedy.

But here’s the thing, I’ve seen the trailer, and I think it looks hilarious. Sometimes critics are off the mark and get it wrong. I’m excited to check out and see if it is worth watching.

You do manage to see Hugh Laurie in a very different believable guise from his House character.

The Rise of Space Interest

It seems that we are in a new space race, except this time, it is with the private sector. Avenue 5 is just one of the shows that reflects a few of the real possibilities that we have today with space travel. Companies such as Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Boeing, and other independent private sector companies are working to conduct commercial travel. You can invest in Boeing, Virgin Galactic through SPCE, and in other space related entities to get a piece of the expanding space pie.


The cast is exceptional, and the acting is on point. However, according to the critics, the narrative and script, for some reason, does not deliver.

Avenue 5 receives 5.9 rating on IMDB and 67% on Rotten Tomatoes.

I still think that you should check it out and watch an episode or two before you make your decision. The show kind of reminds of me the same style of Knives Out.

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