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Brainiac Kids Feeds Your Little Genius with the Nutrients they Need

I’m always look for interesting products and fascinating companies doing great things.

One of these companies I’ve stumbled on is Brainiac Kids. The company aims to make compelling products that help support and foster brain development in children.

That’s an interesting goal, right?

Let’s find out more about Brainiac kids.

What is Brainiac Kids?

Brainiac Kids is a company focused on offering children healthy food that is not only nutritious for their bodies but also fuels their minds. 

The products created by Brainiac Kids are meant to be accessible for all. Further, the brand has different types of foods that children might be used to eating. 

The company is very cautious about the choices it makes in its production process; as such, all ingredients are sustainably sourced and are minimally processed. 

Brainiac Kids also considers the packaging that goes into making the final product.

The brand aims to have the lightest possible environmental footprint without compromising food protection. 

 Brainiac Kids was created with the help of a team of dietitians, nutritionists, and pediatricians. These include notable names such as Laura Jana, MD, Susan Carlson, Ph.D., John Columbo, Ph.D., AND Steven Zeisel, MD, Ph.D. 

How Do They Emphasize Genius Development?

When formulating their products, they focus on calcium and protein. The food products are packed with Omega 3 DHA, which is an essential building block of the brain cells and helps in the healthy development of the grey matter. Most parents are not aware that 15% of a child’s brain is made up of DHA. 

Another compound is Omega 3 ALA, which is also a fatty acid that supports healthy brain development. Choline is another vital component that is crucial in furthering information networks within the brain. 

Why Do Brainiac Kids Exist?

Children may not be picky eaters and may happily devour their vegetables. However, parents are still left with the task of finding the right items that will give them a balanced diet and the amount of nutrition their brains need. According to a recent study, most children in the US are not receiving the level of brain nutrients that are recommended to families by the World Health Organization. 

Brainiac kids help to provide products to alleviate this issue and promote further development.

Brainiac Kids Products

Brainiac Kids specializes in three products: Yogurt, Applesauce, and Brainpack. The brain pack is a proprietary recipe of Brainiac that has everything a growing child needs for a healthy brain. The yogurt and the Applesauce both have the brain pack formula in them and are gluten-free as we all as non-GMO. 

Why is Brainiac Kids Appealing?

Quality food companies that are accessible at places like your nearest Target that help to improve brain development for the younger generation are certainly intriguing.

The company has substantial distribution and a selective range of simple, appealing products in the marketplace.

I wonder if these products can also benefit adults too. Are they potential nootropic essentials that can help boost brain activity in adults too? Meaning they work somewhat similar to multivitamins or in a more effective manner?

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