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Excellent Lab Careers That Allow You to Make a Positive Difference

While choosing your path in healthcare, you may come across various career branches that this critical field has to offer. Generic advice often points towards becoming a doctor of medicine. But it is not the only way to become a professional in the healthcare sector.

In modern medicine, health lab careers hold just as much importance as conventional health providers. To help you find an option that’s the right fit for you, here are 4 health lab careers that help you make a difference in the world.

Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)


With precise skill and education, medical lab technicians (MLTs) and medical technologists (MTs) serve as the backbone of any health lab. From collecting specimens to handling leukopaks, these medical laboratory scientists (MLS) perform crucial tasks for patient treatment and diagnosis.

Due to their role in providing key medical analyses, being an MLS is a highly sought after career choice in the health lab sector which also comes with plenty of job opportunities for you.



As compared to being an MLS generalist, choosing the microbiology field helps you perform more complex and specialized tasks in a health lab setting.

As a microbiologist, your focus is on the detection and analysis of microorganisms. This helps you carry out research on subjects including bacteria and viruses, as well as their effects on living organisms such as humans and animals. This contributes to significant advancements in healthcare research and treatment of bacterial and viral infections.


Histology Technician

While a microbiologist focuses on microorganisms, a histology technician dedicates their attention to the microscopic structures of humans, animals, and plants. These samples are studied and examined using specialized clinical equipment.

Histology technicians obtain these microscopic samples through the tissues of subjects or donors. This helps pertinent scientists and physicians understand the specific formation of cells, organs, and their underlying effects in diseases such as cancer. This establishes histology as a highly important branch in health lab careers.


Cytogenetic Specialist

Cytogenetic specialists dedicate their attention towards the study of genetics and chromosomes. This includes the examination of blood, bone marrow and other substances under a clinical setting. They also handle and process specimens that are related to this branch.

As a cytogenetic technician, your actions are pivotal to the identification and treatment of diseases that stem out of genetic disorders. This makes this a critical health lab career that contributes to the prevention of serious medical issues. 

By learning about these crucial health lab careers, you can choose a segment that fuels your personal and professional growth. This ensures long term satisfaction in your role while also helping you bring a positive change in people’s lives.

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