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Nurx and Accessible Healthcare

Nurx and the fight against COVID-19

One of the largest complaints in the current era is a lack of testing. More talk about potential lack of early testing in Italy and in other countries around the world. The lack of scaled testing is still an issues in the United States of America. Thankfully, testing is ramping up. Unfortunately, the tests are showing us what most of us already knew, we’ve got a big problem.

Nurx aims to help deploy testing in an accessible manner.

How? Through testing kits.

Nurx Testing Kits

Nurx is based in San Fransisco and states “healthcare on your terms. Everyone deserves the freedom to live well! ” While this indicates a larger vision, the firm has been able to focus on delivering a mission critical supply, covid-19 testing kits.

How does the whole process work?

It is the first covid-19 home testing and online consultation service. Navigate to their site, answer a few questions and help them to build a profile. A proficient Nurx provider will conduct an assessment and make the call to send a test or not. If given the greenlight, you’ll get a test kit from a Nurx partner. Get the package. Conduct the test by doing a throat swab. Send it back overnight. Get a response after hours on receipt of your sample.

It’s that simple.

Key Nurx Details

Remember that the company is currently operational and works at a certain capacity per day. Check in daily to see if you can move forward with the process. The company is open from Monday to Saturday.


Consultation and testing will cost $180.

Nurx Mission

The company notes “our mission has always been focused on expanding access to healthcare & achieving public health outcomes with innovative & patient-centric approaches. This mission has never been more relevant as we face an unprecedented and overwhelming public health emergency.”

It is a compelling mission to have. Especially in times of shortage, general issues that relate to the lack of convenience and rising costs in the healthcare sector. Mission critical services at an affordable price point can help to make a substantial difference and improve overall quality of life.

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