Mission and values

Don’t Discount Your Mission and Values

Independent creators and organizations are valuable because they can bring something different and new to the table. They might have a cause or theme that they are passionate about that helps them attract a specific audience or community. 

But more importantly, sticking to the values that make them unique helps them to stay relevant. 

That’s the point.

These values and mission driven organizations know they exist to create a specific type of change, to meet a certain gap that’s present within the world. By staying to that mission, they learn, innovate and grow. If they are tackling something that is real, they’ll be able to survive and thrive. If not, they’ll have to adjust and find out what the genuine problems are or where they can fit in.

This is what I’ve learned from the Narayana Hospital system. They offer cardiac surgery services at varying cost levels depending on the individual served. Individuals choose how much they can pay or can’t pay. The hospital exists to help more people get access to cardiac surgery and improve quality of life for more people around the world. 

People ask them why they don’t raise prices for those that can pay. The response is that it wouldn’t make sense. It exists for a specific reason and true learning and knowledge comes from sticking to that mission. The hospital is forced to stay innovative and understand the nuances of creating a healthcare solution that can serve much more people.

Stick to the mission.

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