American Vandal S2 Recap – *Spoiler Content Warning*

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Okay let me start by saying that although this article will contain a few spoilers, I will not reveal the guilty party of this season — so you can rest easy there.

The second thing I will say is a direct quote from this season… “Poop is funny.” More than a little gross, but funny, and this season on Netflix will have you laughing, cringing and, if you’re like me, stuck in binge mode as you try to determine… who is the Turd Burglar?

Now, I actually watched this whole season thinking the show was an actual documentary, I had not seen season one and the preview for this new season instantly hooked the junior high kid inside me. Remember… poop is funny, and I wondered how in the heck this story had gotten by me. 

I mean, it’s like perfect F’d Up News material! It involves mystery, cat fishing, a cast of characters ranging the entire high school spectrum, and poop-related pranks that will make you cringe, laugh, and gasp in shock all at the same time. 

Even though it turns out this is a “mockumentary” with a cast of actors and the school portrayed isn’t even real, the season makes for an entertaining watch. I won’t reveal too much so that you can enjoy the season as much as I did, but keep reading for a quick recap of this season of Netflix’s American Vandal.

The Brownout

The opening minutes of the premiere episode is enough to lasso in just about any guy out there — even my wife was glued to the set. A private catholic school in Washington has been struck by a mysterious prankster known only as The Turd Burglar and he or she has spiked the school lemonade, causing the entire cafeteria to ‘explode’ in the infamous ‘Brownout’.

Imagine dozens of people all needing the bathroom at the same time. And I mean needing now! Netflix pulls this tasteless topic off as tasteful as you possibly could and I found myself rewinding just to see where in the world everyone is pooping.

The school quickly begins questioning every student and after the poop vandal strikes again and yet again, someone finally comes forward and points a finger at their best friend. 

This is what brings Sam and Peter to the school. Kevin McClain confesses to the crime after hours of relentless interrogation and of course is expelled, but a friend reached out to our investigating duo because she says she knows that Kevin is innocent and a coverup is afoot. 

“Who is The Turd Burglar?”

The cast of suspects is wide and Pete and Sam work through each one, trying to determine who had access, motive, and opportunity. Just when you think you know who the vandal is, they are somehow eliminated as a possibility and you have to start from scratch.

There are a few production lapses throughout the season but overall it’s a fun watch. It has the whodunit aspect, high school/locker room/bathroom humor, drama and, of course, poop! After viewing this offering, I immediately had to watch season one and while I did enjoy it, I have to say that The Brownout was the winner for me. Because, well…

Poop is funny.


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