The AiraWear Jacket Gives Great Massages

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Can you imagine wearing a sweater that gives great back massages? It’s time to stop imagining it because it actually exists.

Airawear jacket from tware

It’s called the AiraWear Jacket and Tware, the Singaporean startup behind this jacket, gained more than 1,000 backers and $150,000 on Kickstarter.

This jacket is as a basic regular hoodie with an inflatable vest built into it. The vest has six plastic nubs surrounding the sides of the spine, from shoulder to lower spine. All of the back-massage zones are where the special nubs are located.

How the AiraWear Jacket Works

Tware's airawear jacket

As the vest inflates behind each acupressure point, the nubs will begin to press into the wearer’s back and shoulder muscles. The nubs mimic kneading fingers.

Airawear jacket massager

The hoodie also pairs with an app that can show the wearer which body parts the sweater-massager is targeting. To adjust the intensity, the wearer can use the slider controls.

What It’s Like to Go AiraWear

“For such a simple design, the jacket’s massage feels surprisingly decent. I like my massages strong, and on maximum strength. The AiraWear was powerful enough to work out some painful spots along my lower back.”

Mashable writer, Victoria Ho, who got her hands on the AiraWear jacket reported. “That said, the AiraWear isn’t perfect yet. Its nubs move in and out as the air pads behind them are inflated and deflated, but they can’t make circular motions the way an actual massage therapist, or some other massage devices, can.”

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, the airawear jacket gives great massages, news

The jacket is currently not capable of vibration but Tware told Mashable that they may build that into future jackets based on requests.

The multipurpose jacket works best if wearers are sitting down. This means, office workers that sit at the desk all day are in luck. Sitting down will help the body weight push the nubs into the muscles better.

Its listing place will eventually be placed at $249 according to Tware. Battery life lasts up to three hours but is chargable through a micro USB.

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