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‘Pokemon Go’ Updates in the Works

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With the incomparable success of the newly released Pokemon Go, it is hard to imagine the mobile game gaining even more universality. But it seems that the big brains at Niantic aren’t finished with it quite yet. A number of upgrades are on the way, the majority of which promise increased interactivity between players.

Most exciting of all, the feature of Pokemon trading will soon be added to the profoundly popular mobile game in the form of an update. It seems we will finally have a way of ridding ourselves of the vast numbers of Rattata; aside from trading them to the mysterious, silver-haired Professor Willow, that is.

Additionally, Pokemon Go players will be able to work together, in teams and otherwise, to unlock new features that can be found at Pokestops. There is hope for leaderboards, local and global alike, to be added at some point in the updates.

Each of these additions, as well as those still unannounced, will be added slowly, reportedly in the form of bi-weekly updates to the original Pokemon Go application. There is still no word on the most desirable upgrade of all, reasonable battery management. Be sure to watch for these coming updates and be sure to “catch them all.”


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