Baubax travel jacket, kickstarter, fully funded

The Latest Geeky Gadget Apparel: The BauBax Travel Jacket

In the past months, the BauBax travel jacket has been immensely popular and highly-rated all over the Internet. Originating on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, this item has been fully funded and can now be preordered. Here’s what you need to know.

The Ultimate Jacket for Anything

The BauBax jacket, like most Kickstarter projects, started out as a need that a few clever, creative minds decided to satisfy. The creators wanted a multipurpose jacket that could hold everyday items on their persons without hassle. However, nothing of the kind existed that satisfied their needs, so they got planning. The result? A jacket which has been dubbed the “Swiss Army knife of jackets.”

This jacket has pretty much everything you could ask for, for travel purposes or otherwise. It has a whopping fifteen features, which include:

1. Easy-inflate, easy-deflate neck pillow hidden inside the jacket hood

2. Eye mask also hidden inside the jacket hood

3. Fingerless gloves stored inside the sleeves

4. Earphone holders

5. Blanket pocket ($25 60″x40″ blanket that folds up really small not included)

6. Koozie drink pocket

7. iPad pocket

8. Zipper that is also a telescoping pen and stylus

9. Smartphone pocket

10. Sunglass (or any glasses) pocket

11. Built-in microfiber cloth

12. Passport pocket

13. Multi-layered hand-warming pockets

14. Detachable neck pillow for all models

15. Detachable hood for some models

People like me who love pockets and storage space are probably geeking out right about now. I couldn’t imagine needing any more accessories than this in an outerwear garment. When I first watched the advertisement video on Kickstarter, I was amazed at all of the cool things that the creators of this jacket were managing to fit in. This jacket comes in four different styles and colors in order to cater to individual needs: blazer (with detachable hood for a more professional look), sweatshirt, bomber, windbreaker.

A Jacket for Everyone

Lauded by critics everywhere, the BauBax jacket made history before the completion of its crowdfunding time. It made over $9.9 million of the $20,000 that was originally needed, leaping stretch goal hurdles along the way. This huge virtual shout of support made the new travel jacket the most funded piece of apparel and the fourth most funded product ever in Kickstarter history.

Now, the BauBax jacket is available for pre-order on Indiegogo. The cheapest version you can buy is the 100% cotton hoodie, going for a $149 contribution. That price might seem exorbitant, but the future retail price is going to be about $170, so you’ll be saving money by preordering. Also, the jacket includes over $300 worth of features and eliminates a lot of need for travel products like pillows and eye masks. Depending on your travel style, it could also eliminate the need for a carry-on.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that this jacket is only for people who travel a lot. It is being marketed to the average consumer as a high-quality everyday carry item, from outdoor use and transit to working and working out. In addition, the jacket will start shipping in time for the Christmas shopping season. So if this sounds like a jacket that you would be interested in, head over to Indiegogo to check it out before the preorder time is over!

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