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A Protestor in France Plays Imperial March and Trolls Police

Hectic Times

It is hectic times right now in the world today. Coronavirus has savaged small business, people are unemployed, and under different stages of lockdown.Corporations are also affected as they let people go in varying degrees across the world.

But this wouldn’t be the end of it.

2020 still would bring more events as people push back with protests and riots against economic inequality and injustice. A spark in Minneapolis has lit the world on fire (literally in some cities and metaphorically in others) with people leaving their houses, going outside, and expressing themselves.

It is stressful times right now as people have differing views on how to go about things and wonder if the coronavirus will come back with great fury. Amid all of this people are still finding ways to add some levity to life.

Levity Amid a Pandemic

For instance, in Europe, specifically in France, a protestor watched the police march on. He could have let them march on without any music but decided he’d add to the scene with his trumpet. His music of choice was the Star Wars Imperial March song.

Watch it here, it’s hilarious.

Stay safe, stay sane, and keep geeking out on technology and everything else.


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