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Nintendo Stops Production Due to Coronavirus

People love the Nintendo Switch.

But the Coronavirus is one of the most significant bosses that gamers and the general population will have to deal with this year. The virus is slowing down economic activity and spoiling good times everywhere, including Nintendo Switch production.

Let’s find out more.

Coronavirus is still a problem

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus, which has taken 500 lives and left countless people sick, is having an inevitable impact on global industries. One of these is tech. Nintendo recently announced that the news of the epidemic might cause delays in shipment as well as the production of the Nintendo Switch in Japan. Other devices that may face a similar issue are the Joy-Con controllers and the Ring Fit Adventure. 

Realistic Timelines

To give customers realistic timelines, Nintendo has delayed its reservations for the Switch. The gaming giant announced this in a statement, according to Engadget. Nintendo does not foresee a broader impact on the supply chain of systems and accessories, however. They will face issues with those products and processes that are in the Chinese region.

Remember that Nintendo has a broad base of suppliers, but they’ve relied on China for many different aspects of production. The Japanese firm has slowly branched off into other regions in Asia that made sense overall. One thing that they have noticed is the fact that these plants cannot bear the overall global demand.

The firm must continue to keep up with reports related to the virus and understand how they will operate.

For example, large production partners such as Foxconn will halt activities and state that it will open in a few days. But is that certain?

Has fears of the virus died down?


Does it look like the situation is escalating in China?

Yes, there’s videos floating around on social media where affected individuals are placed in boxes and transported to care. Videos that surface on social media also show a lack of activity in popular places such as Hong Kong and other critical centers.

The Global Concerns

The epidemic shows that we’re in an era of globalization. The virus spread quickly due to fast transport and population density. More than 7,000 people show evidence of the disease and more than 600 people have already died from the spreading virus.

Large corporations from technology giants to food and processing plants have slowly scaled back presence within their stores.

Even the Disney corporation notes how the virus affects their earnings and how it is a tragic situation in its recent earnings call. Officials vary on their estimates for recovery. Corporations also show different answers when it comes to resuming operations and business within the Chinese region.

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