Dolittle Drones Out the Memory of Many Box Office Fails in the Past Year

Do you wonder why no one has raved about Dolittle, the new Robert Downey Jr. movie? It is possible that it has not been released anywhere yet. But that’s certainly not the case. After all, a film starring the eccentric and acclaimed actor playing another iconic role after retiring from the MCU is something movie buffs, and Downey Jr. fans should not be able to stop talking about in their many conversations.

But they aren’t, and its probably because they have already seen the movie.

The Start of The Movie

The movie begins with Dr. Dolittle and his wife’s backstory. The couple spent their lives helping animals until the wife died during a sea voyage, and Dolittle locked himself away from society in his manor, which also doubles as a nature reserve. He only leaves when he learns that the successor to the throne plans to take his estate away from him.

The plot doesn’t seem that bad. Right? Except there are a lot of CGI animals, and it feels a lot like someone told Downey his Welsh accent was terrific. After a few series of dialogue, you want it to stop.

But it is not all on the Robert Downey Jr. There is just too much talking in the movie, you recognize some of the voices from actors you know, and even though the film is labeled to be a family flick with some lighthearted jokes, it is anything but; parents will not have fun, and the script is not comical at all.

The best thing about the movie is Michael Sheen and Antonio Banderas, cast as the antagonists, who have never failed to wow people on the big screen.

Oh, the ratings were horrendous.

Dolittle received a 5.6 rating on IMDB and 17% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Pre-Production Woes?

It might have a little do with pre-production.

We’ve learned that the pre-production of the movie was a bit rocky. Stephen Gaghan wrote the first script, which was then looked over by two filmmakers, Chris Mckay and Jonathan Liebesman, who were earlier brought on board to “help” Gaghan.

The movie came out on New Year, and you can tell by the CGI that Dolittle is an expensive endeavor, sadly it doesn’t look like the investment is going to pay off.

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