10 Reasons to Watch First Man

First Man is a biographical sci-fi drama about Neil Armstrong, NASA and its aim to go to the moon. The space movie, to me, is a must watch. Here’s a few reasons why you should check out the First Man today.

Directed by Damien Chazelle

Damien Chazelle is the genius behind the Oscar-nominated La La Land, and Whiplash. He is versatile, and his movies seem to always end up being the talk of Hollywood. Whatever story he picks, it appears like this filmmaker cannot do much wrong.

It is the Story No One Tells You

First Man is about the personal pain of the famous Neil Armstrong and how the loss of his daughter fueled much of his personal and professional journey. For the first man on the moon, he is a man who suffers every day.

It is an Extraordinary Story

The narrative is moving. It begins with the ambition of Armstrong and his obsession with the moon until he finally lands on it.

The Cast

First Man stars golden globe winner Claire Foy and the two time Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling.

It’s Meant for a Global Audience

The film is about struggles, strife, and overcoming challenges to accomplish amazing objectives. The story speaks to everyone who dreams of breaking boundaries and doing the impossible.

It is about True Heroism

The movie reveals the lethal obstacles of a space program and the different issues these astronauts must go through to survive in space.

It’s about the Silent Heroes

The First Man shows the people who didn’t step on the moon but who made it happen. There’s many people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to plot trajectories, crunch numbers, and solve problems that we may not think about regularly. The film reminds the viewing audience

The Visual Effects

The cinematography and breathtaking and terrifying at the same time. It is exactly what Chazelle was going for when he wanted the audience to empathize with the astronauts.

It is a True Story

The film chronicles real life events and notes that there’s a variety of possibilities that exist given the right push and resources. This true story is a must see for those who follow space events and sightings such as Borisiv, Virgin Galactic, and other potentially space faring companies.

It’s Like no Other Space Movie

From the way it captures the dangers of space programs to the demons that drive these astronauts to do extraordinary things in their life.

Space is the next frontier and we’re seeing a variety of technologies and companies come together to usher us into the next space segment.

Check out The First Man when you get a chance, its a great space movie.

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