Early Look: UAV Turbines Unveils its Micro-Turbogenerator System (MTS)

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Innovations in the Turbine World

A turbine is in essence, a rotary system that derives energy from a fluid flow and then brings about a specific result. This result can be used with a generator to produce power.

It’s a fascinating component of the world we live in today but something that many of us may not know much about at all. Thankfully, there are entrepreneurs and engineers who continue to innovate and improve systems in this critical component of the world.

Today, we’ll dive into a company called UAV Turbines, a corporation that works behind the scenes to research, design, and develop microturbine engines for power and propulsion.

Let’s get started.

What Is UAV Turbines?

UAVT focuses on improvements in the turbine industry. You may be able to follow up with the company at a variety of industry events and settings.

They also take time to continue to innovate and make a dent in the turbine sector. That’s actually the reason I’m writing about them today.

See, they’re releasing a Micro-Turbo Generator System (MTS) that’s powerful and lightweight.

What’s fascinating is that its military grade and is designed to generate a substantial amount of power at any given time.

How much power?

From 3kW to 40kW.

But why is that compelling?

Here’s the type of people that it can help.

Here’s What the Micro-Turbo Generator System Can Do

The MTS system can help people like the first responders, search and rescue, disaster relief and military operations, and other segments of the workforce with an unique solution to keep them going in their most critical times of need.

Remember that it meets all the criteria for these members of society.

It’s powerful, lightweight, and can generate electricity at any given time.

That means that these professionals can rely on such a system to provide them with the power they need as they carry out their respective missions.

Again, this means that these professionals in this sector will not have to worry about carrying large clunky generators on their missions. No.

The MTS simplifies the process while incorporating similar power generation and endurance of large turbine jet engines. As you may realize, the innovation here is the compression and lightweight component of the machine.

MTS is compelling because it makes life a bit more simple without sacrificing the important aspects that you’d expect from such a machine.

Check it out.

The machine looks like it wouldn’t pack much of a punch. What’s surprising is that for something so powerful it makes minimal noise.

That’s a testament to the current era of engineering and is something that you will continue to notice in a wide variety of machines as we move forward.

Silent but powerful machines with powerful engines.

What Else Do You Need to Know about the MTS?

Fred Frigerio, UAVT’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, notes, “Our turbine technology has
significant advantages over reciprocating engine-based generators. For starters, they are very compact,
quiet, have low vibration, and are extremely reliable. Just as important, they can operate on a variety of
heavy fuels and at very different environmental conditions without requiring intrusive modifications.

Remember that device would be helpful in a broad range of situations and can even help recharge batteries. The MTS is a compelling product because of its varying utility and applications in the world today.

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