Bale as villain

You Won’t Believe Who Marvel’s Next Super Villain Is

Bale as a Villain?

We all know that Christain Bale from the recent blockbuster hit Ford vs. Ferrari, The Machinist, The Fighter, American Psycho, and Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Even though Bale, to the dismay of many Batman fans, did not return to DC movies, he may be making his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe pretty soon. 

Thor: Love and Thunder

We all heard the rumors of the versatile actor having some secret role in the new Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. We know that Chris Hemsworth is back to play Thor and that Natalie Portman will play Jane Foster. What else? We also see that the move will be out in late 2021, in November.

If Cate Blanchett being a part of the film is any indication, then Bale might be playing the role of a villain, and that’d be pretty amazing. We know that Norse mythology abounds with evil beings. There’s more than enough opportunity for additional characters that stem from the comics.

But that’s not even the biggest news. 

A recent leak tells us that Bale will not be playing just any other villain who gets defeated by the end of the movie but will be playing an evil force equal to the likes of Thanos. 

The Illuminerdi notes “unfortunately, we were unable to get a firm confirmation on the name of his character. But, we did get a glimpse of a Marvel Studios’ document which gave away some revealing tidbits about Bale’s role.

Apparently, Bale hasn’t been locked into the role officially yet, it appears there’s still paperwork to sign. However, he’s in negotiations to play a lead in the movie – one who is specifically stated to be the main villain of the film. We can also concretely confirm that he’s an alien species, who is described as being “otherworldly.”

Bale coming back to this realm would be exciting.

But remember there’s no confirmation or official announcement. These are just rumors. There’s no doubt that he’d be a good fit for an epic villain as we’ve seen from his acting in the past. 

He’d help build up future storylines and bring about epic movies similar to Endgame.

Disney has no plans to hold back on bringing about amazing content in the Marvel realm as they have a few films coming out this year. From Venom to other sought after films, we know that this is going to turn out be another great year for Marvel fans.

While you wait, you can catch up on older Marvel and Thor movies on Disney+.

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  1. Avatar Evan Bond says:

    If they keep the same style as Ragnarok I will be very happy. Excited to see Bale in the Marvel universe. Hopefully it happens.