Win Marc Rienzo’s Bad Guy Nonsense

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This is a great opportunity for your chance to win the family friendly, easy to play, strategic battle card game from VFX Supervisor, Artist and Creator of Bad Guy Nonsense, Marc Rienzo!

Hosts of Geek Speak, Matthew Harris and Meredith Loughran, had the pleasure to sit down with Marc and talk about his journey into art, love of comic books, and they touched a little bit on his stellar resume of working with huge movie franchises like the Marvel universe, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. He has credits with ILM, Digital Domain, and Sony Imageworks, just to name a few. 

We’re getting to the good stuff!

Bad Guy Nonsense

Here’s your chance to win a free deck of the 64-cards full of Marc Rienzo’s amazing art work. The link is going to take you off site to a really cool promotion hosted by Geek Insider and it’s so easy to enter!


Please note that shipping is within the United States only.

You will be tasked with easy challenges and we’ll be adding more as the Bad Guy Nonsense campaign continues. Tasks include: visiting a website, retweeting something, watching a video, sharing the campaign out to your friends.

By the way, you can get points daily for sharing your unique link with your friends. It’s so easy to gain entry points to win! There is no obligation to purchase anything. With a couple of clicks, you’re in for a fantastic prize. 

Did we mention that our Geek Speak hosts had an interview with Marc? He was very candid about the genesis of Bad Guy Nonsense and credits his son, two daughters, his niece and his friends for beta testing the game and giving valuable input. 

Terms & Conditions of the Bad Guy Nonsense Giveaway: This offer is limited to U.S. residents only due to prohibitive shipping costs. One random winner will be selected from all qualifying entries. If a U.S. address is not provided a new winner will be selected.

Marc rienzo, vfx, artist, thor, star wars
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Twice the size of regular playing cards

Seriously, if you’ve got a family-friendly game, the children are going to be the biggest critics so Marc Rienzo did not take on an easy task by launching this idea and bringing it to fruition. 

You don’t need children to own the cards. In fact, it makes for a great holiday stocking-stuffer or birthday gift for kids of all ages. 

Something fun

You can earn 5 entries just for answering one question: Who’s your favorite Batman? But don’t answer here! Go to the campaign and start winning some points.

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