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What is Woebot Health?

Today, AI-powered virtual assistants, famously known as ‘chatbots’ rock the world- they are almost everywhere. Leading tech firms have presented us with the likes of Cortana, Siri, and Alexa. We gladly enjoy the benefits of customer automation, thanks to these apps.

A few startups think that we can use these chatbots as a mental health aide. This mental health tool can help to provide more on-demand talk therapy in a more feasible and cost-effective way.

Indeed, with trends showing that mental health is deteriorating in cities in the United States, the right type of health support will be highly critical and beneficial to a more robust population. More tools like Woebot Health should be valuable in bringing about more simplicity

The bot will see you now.


What You Need to Know about Woebot

Woebot is a talk therapy chatbot that helps users learn about themselves and monitor their moods. The app seeks to help the roughly 20% of Americans who struggle with mental health illnesses who go without treatment, probably because of the high costs and time commitments.

Founded in 2017 by a team of psychologists from Stanford University and artificial intelligence experts, Woebot is distinguished as a talk therapy chatbot and a tech-based treatment. It uses the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy- one of the heavily researched medical approaches of treating mental health issues like depression.

In essence, Woebot is a Silicon Valley-style approach to mental health issues that seeks to replace the traditional act of visiting a general counselor with chat rooms and texting.

Woebot allows its users to discuss their mental health issues unanimously online.

The chatbot is a conversational platform that asks its user how they are feeling as it establishes how things are in 10-minutes daily conversations. The app stores keep a record of all emojis and messages as it customizes the conversations to a more specific direction about the previous dialogue.

Woebot can be compared to the secret yet wisdom-filled friend and companion you can confide in. the Chabot addresses your mental health and wellness challenges by monitoring your mood. Similarly, the platform curates customized videos and valuable tools that enable relevant, interactive conversations.

Woebot is currently available for anyone with the curiosity to try it. However, it is created in English to target college students, young adults, and people in graduate school. The services are free and are offered via Android and iOS apps. You may also access Woebot services through Facebook Messenger.

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