What Is Memrise?

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Communication is the key to understanding and influencing others. Speaking your home language or national language is surely easy. Still, when you travel to different places locally or internationally, you face problems while speaking their language or communicating with locals.

You might think that English is one of the most widely spoken languages, but unfortunately, not everyone around the world knows how to communicate in English.

At the same time, your English may not be the best as you may have another primary language. Whatever the case may be, it is a fantastic idea to learn about the different places that you are going to visit before you go there. Indeed, learning the language, or at least, key phrases will be quite important.

But learning these phrases could be difficult, right? Not necessarily. See, there are a wide variety of language learning apps out there that make it a bit more simple to learn various popular languages.

Well, we are here to introduce you to some of the most convenient and easiest ways to learn any new language and communicate with others. Today, we will focus specifically on Memrise.

About Memrise

Memrise is an application which helps you learn new languages. It was founded in 2010 and has been growing since then. The firm was able to obtain over $15 million in seed funding.

It is still a privately held company and is based in the United Kingdom. It differs from other applications by offering various user-generated content. 

Users can find over 14 languages on the application while connecting to more languages while browsing the website. The brand had over 30 million registered users and has over $3 million in earnings monthly.



Why Do People Appreciate Memrise?

The application makes language learning compelling by using gamification techniques.

Memrise makes the language learning process enjoyable and interesting. It involves rich learning by incorporating video clips and day-to-day talks with the natives, which also help you develop the accent.

In addition, there are many ways available at Memrise through which you can indulge yourself in daily conversations with the natives of a specific country whose language you are learning.

Currently, Memrise has a positive rating of around 4.8 stars. In addition, it has 60 million users who are eagerly learning and exploring new and different languages through interesting learning. Memrise currently teaches 22 languages and plans to include more based on user demand.

Do You Find Memrise Interesting?

Although many different applications offer users the opportunity to learn different languages, the question arises why one should choose Memrise.

Well, you should choose Memrise because it offers memory-based learning and uses techniques and methods to help you learn fast and retain the language.

In addition, it helps its users to have an advanced learning experience. This way, you will be able to speak just like the natives. Memrise covers all your needs by helping you match the topics you need. For instance, if you are moving abroad to study, it will help you learn the language in the same context involving study and communication.

You can get the applications on Google Play or iOS.


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