What is the Kakeibo Technique?


The Kakeibo Technique

Saving money is never easy. You have many things to account for, and they would range between paying rent, utilities, commute fare, grocery bills, and spending money on things you enjoy. But before you can even do all these things, you run out of money or end up digging into the reserves that you happen to call your savings.

Maybe you don’t have to deal with his stress when it comes to the financial part of your life.

Let’s talk about Kakeibo.

What You Need to Know About Kakeibo

What’s the Kakeibo trend all about? Kakeibo is a Japanese budgeting journal technique that was developed by the country’s first female journalist, Hani Motoko. Motoko had a vision in mind to create it for busy women trying to manage their finances, whether they may be personal or for the household. You can check out the translated version, released by Fumiko Chiba, which gives vast insight into how Kakeibo works. 

The First Lesson of Kakeibo

The first thing we learn from the method is to focus on spending than saving. Kakeibo dictates that one should learn to spend the right way to automatically save. 

Trippy right? It is an exciting way to flip the concept. Everyone thinks that being financially savvy is by being a miser or a hoarder. You think that it means turning into the scrooge. But it doesn’t have to be as you can make the right decisions by spending in the right way.

The method also talks about decluttering what you spend. And this is not as easy as categorizing things into food, rent, bills, etc. By really being specific, for example, categorizing how much you spend to eat out and how much you spend on groceries in the fridge. When you can honestly classify, you can focus on the items that you may need while understanding what may be frivolous or excessive. 

The Next Lesson of Kakeibo

Learn to allocate cash and not numbers. We can budget the figures and hope to stick to it. But is that the right way? What if we take a few notes and stuff them in an envelope and mark it “Trip to the Store”. By focusing on what is necessary and then allocating cash to it accordingly, it is a process that allows us to save. 

Through the Kakeibo perspective its is also important to reflect on your progress every month. Don’t track your money; instead, take time to revel in your progress and find joy in the difference you made. 

Kakeibo may be an excellent method for you to budget without feeling like its a restriction.

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