What is Livongo Health?

Your blood sugar levels are too high, or they are too low, you feel sad or angry and a little lethargic. What is this disease? Diabetes.

Diabetes is a significant problem in the world today. There’s type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and the former is where your body will not produce insulin. The latter is where your body struggles to provide it or is not able to use it properly. Those who suffer from it may have excess glucose. 

Why is excess glucose a problem?

Excess glucose in the bloodstream can lead to dangerous problems. A lack of prevention and care can lead to deterioration in eyesight, nerves, and kidneys. That’s not all. It can also affect the heart, increase chances of strokes, and even call for amputation in some cases.

Thankfully, modern medicine allows us to lead a decent quality of life still if we have diabetes. But you’re not as good as new with modern medicine, there’s still side effects, and you must control your diet and improve your exercise regimen.

See, improving outcomes in this regard is about understanding humans and changing their behaviors. Modifying behaviors and encouraging better routines will help to improve results. Prevention is better than the cure, but proper practices are better than being wholly reliant on medication. At least that is what Livongo Health thinks today. The company is creating a platform that assists those with diabetes to regulate effectively to lead better lives.

How Livongo Health Works

How does Livongo Health hope to augment diabetes control? They do so by collecting a significant portion of data and then using it to nudge better behaviors in diabetes patients. The concept is simple, use tailored information to help people help themselves. Livongo Health correctly believes that if people can take better care of themselves, they can live healthier.

Their process is data-driven and focuses on self-care and personal actions over regular reliance on medication. The firm sends specific messages to members at particular times to make an impact on health. It is not only about the messages sent but about test strips as well.

From the Livongo Health website, “we use smart, connected devices, personalized digital guidance, and 24x7x365 access to health professionals to make it easier for people with chronic conditions to stay healthier.” Livongo understands that it is all about the whole cycle and will focus on pre-diabetes, diabetes, and high blood pressure, conditions.

Helping a community requires constant connections and support; that is why the company provides access to guidance and health professionals 24/7/365.

The firm understands that it is not only about professional care but about a personal support system that will be there for you when you need them.

The Target Audience

Livongo Health can help a large portion of individuals across the world. Diabetes is growing along with prosperity in India, the Middle East, and in the United States. The United States alone has around 12% of the population that struggle with diabetes. A portion of the population is still undiagnosed.

What’s worse? At least 80 million people have symptoms of prediabetes. 

Distribution and Customers

The firm works with employers and health systems to provide their services.

Strong Momentum and Livongo Numbers

Livongo Health is doing well by doing good as the company is seeing strong growth in earnings. They accumulate patents, innovate and is a publicly-traded company and seeing a significant increase in investor interest. The digital health company charges members $68/month and has a recurring revenue model allowing for a deeper understanding of growth.

The digital health firm has acquired companies such as Prognos, Retrofit, and Diabeto along the way to bolster growth and competence.

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