Twitter Reportedly Working on an Official Twitter Music App

Twitter recently introduced Vine, a social video sharing app that took the market by a storm. Well, now it looks like Twitter has set its eyes on the music streaming market for its next venture. Google has also been reportedly working on a music service, so the new Twitter music will have quite few hurdles in its way.

Twitter music

According to a recent report via CNET, Twitter has acquired the quite popular music streaming service, We Are Hunted. It is reported to now use the technology for its own standalone music app, reportedly dubbed as Twitter Music.

According to the report, the new Twitter Music service will offer personalized music recommendations based on a person’s Tweets, and it will stream music through SoundCloud. Music and Track recommendations will be based on a person’s following, which will make it considerably easier to find their favorite music by the Artists they and their friends follow.

Even though it is reported that Twitter Music will pull in music recommendations based on a person’s following, the report also states that a twitter account might not be required to use the service. Although, we’re not sure how it will be able to recommend any music without a twitter account. It will also recommend music based on the favorite and hottest songs on We Are Hunted, and also offer recommendations for upcoming stars. #NowPlaying hashtag will be used to pull in recommendations from across the Twitterverse.

The We Are Hunted site recently went offline, which could be a hint that Twitter is preparing its own Music service’s launch. The report also indicates that the Twitter Music app is in its final stages of development, and it could launch very soon, quite possibly by the end of the month.

Although, the question remains how Twitter is planning to promote this new app to users who are already using other music services; like Rdio, Spotify, Pandora, etc., which all have millions of active users. Google has also been reported to be launching a music service of its own, and that could prove to be a big contender for all music services out there.

Twitter Music sure sounds cool for browsing and stuff, but how will it compete against other full fledged music services offering so many features including offline music storage? Twitter Music could prove to be a great platform for emerging artists who are actively using the platform to promote their talent. The Twitter Music account already has nearly 2 million followers, so that’s a great start for the new app. For now, all we can do is wait and watch as Twitter performs one of its coolest experiments to date. We are sure that Twitter will have no problem in promoting its new service as it is one of the top social networks available. People will most likely prefer using its service due to its popularity – it works for Google, doesn’t it?

What are your thoughts on this new venture? Do you think Twitter stands a chance against other numerous established Music services? Enlighten us with your opinion.