Top Exercise Games To Keep You Fit This Holiday Season

Top exercise games to keep fit this holiday season

Has all the holiday cheer in the form of high calorie food and drink taken a toll on your waistline? Don’t let weight gain bring you down this holiday season! We’re not talking about a gym membership or resorting to push ups and sit ups in your living room. Save that for the fitness nuts! Gamer geeks know there’s a better way. But for those still exercising the old school way, hover here for some tips. Here’s a list of the top fitness video games.

Wii Fit U


Once you get past the brutally honest assessment from the balance board mascot when you get started, Wii Fit U is a fun way to get a work out in. Pick and choose from a large variety of games to get you moving and improve your balance. Make it a party and get your friends involved with some of the fun and, at times, downright hilarious games. Or get a more serious workout with the yoga and strength training exercises. Wii Fit Plus for the Wii is also great if you don’t have the newer console.

Zumba Fitness: World Party


Get your body moving to some multi-cultural music and dance moves with Zumba Fitness: World Party! It may be quite challenging if you’ve never been to a Zumba class before, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time doing it. You’ll get the workout you need on top of it! There’s several Zumba games out there for all the modern consoles, so don’t feel limited to World Party.

Just Dance 2017


Here’s another dance game for all the modern consoles. Just Dance 2017 is a bit easier, so gather all of you friends and family to have fun and burn calories. Sure beats sitting by the chips and dips!

Fitness Evolved 


If you’re hopeless to create your own workout, this game is perfect for you. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved takes into account your age, weight, and workout habits to create the perfect routine for you. It projects your body onto the screen so you can watch your form as you follow the moves. In addition to the 2012 version for the Xbox 360, there’s a Wii U version. 

Nike+Kinect Training


If you’re a bit of a fitness buff who doesn’t want to leave the warmth of your own home to get the job done, then Nike+Kinect Training is for you! The workouts are fun and engaging, and take into consideration your fitness level. You’ll find yourself doing activities like jumping hurdles and following along with basic workout moves, such as lunges and press ups. The Kinect isn’t perfect as far as registering your moves, but that doesn’t change the fact that you work up a sweat playing the game.

Dance Dance Revolution


Dance Dance Revolution has several versions available for the previous generation of consoles, but that means you can pick it up for a relatively cheap price. You have the potential to burn a lot of calories while stepping to your favorite beats. The more advanced your gameplay, the better your workout. Don’t hold back on this one!

Kinect Sports


Kinect Sports is the Xbox 360’s answer to Wii Sports. As far as burning calories goes, it’s a better answer. It gets you to use your whole body while playing, and it’s a blast. Battle your family members for the top scores in each mini game. 

All that dancing, strength training, and moving about will probably leave you physically exhausted. Take a break, and use versatile massage roller balls and other therapeutic tools to soothe muscles. Use one on your back, feet, ankles, and other sore points so that you can go back to playing and exercising

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