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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Your iPhone 5 for a Galaxy S4

There have been very few rivalries that match that of the iPhone series of smartphones and Samsung’s line up of Galaxy phones. The recent Galaxy S3, released in the summer of 2012, has become one of the most highly-rated and popular Android-based smartphones, and this has left many wondering how the S4 will stack up against the competition.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Take a Closer Look

With the release date looming and Samsung now readying themselves for pre-sale orders, many customers are wondering if it may be time to drop the iPhone 5 for a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S4. Here
are the top 5 reasons that many individuals will be taking that leap from Apple to Samsung.

1. Lowered Price

One of the biggest qualms with the S3 came down to the price. This was especially difficult when compared to the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S, and many of the Android phones that are currently on the market. One of the leading features of the Android series of phones was the affordable price for both the initial costs and the monthly fees. When the S3 came in at a higher price range than the iPhone 5, it was a tough pill for many to swallow.

With back-to-back releases of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4, it seems that Samsung took the hint and was able to reduce their prices to a more acceptable level. It should now be moving into the range of other Android phones. In terms of the overall costs, potential customers will now have much more freedom in their choices on a new phone.

2. Improved Processing Speeds

The processor and other internal specs have been one of the most
highly-rumored components of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and many have been on the search to find what exactly will be placed inside this high-end smartphone. The S3 broke countless sales records with a quick dual-core processor, but Samsung is planning for a major overhaul with the S4.

After a recent Tweet, it has been confirmed that the Galaxy S4 will now have an Exynos processor, their newest being the Exynos 5. These processors come with a staggering 8 cores and will be able to handle multi-tasking and more advanced software like never before. This completely outpaces all current iPhones that are on the market as well as almost every other Android and Windows phone to-date.

3. Graphics

The capacitive touchscreen on the new Galaxy S4 has been crisp and
highly-responsive for everyone who has reviewed this amazing new phone. One of the most unique additions to the screen is the addition of a green sub-pixel. This is an odd step, but it allows the user a wide array of colors on the screen. Samsung also claims that this addition of a sub-pixel will extend the life of the screen and prevent some of the previous problems that have taken place with smartphone screens. Namely, the blurring of lines after extended use when the screen is on the brightest setting.

4. Exciting New Features

A line up of new features has helped cement the popularity of the Galaxy S4, and this begins with the “hover screen” technology that Samsung has recently mastered. This technology allows for the user to hold their finger over the screen without actually touching the screen. A finger can now act as a cursor of sorts, allowing them to hover over links and other areas of the screen to get more information.

5. Wireless Charging

One of the largest crazes without the smartphone industry is the use of wireless charging. This allows users to keep their battery full without the need to plug it in. Various gadgets have been released that allow for wireless charging, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now rumored to have this technology as well. Individuals will be able to use any number of charging “pads” or platforms, allowing them more mobility to use the smartphone while charging the battery.


  1. Muarrif Ahmad says:

    Sorry but not convinced why I would want to “Get rid of iPhone 5” to buy a GS4

    1. Bigger better display, features like Air Gesture, Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, S Health, etc should be convincing enough to ditch thr iPhone.

  2. Samsung??? no thank you.

  3. Not all the features are gimmicky! And it even though bigger displays are cool but the Galaxy S4’s display is far better than iPhone 5’s display in terms of numbers as well.

  4. how much did you get paid for this by samsung ?

    1. Probably couple million dollars! Apple lost the bid. xD

    2. Mohseen Lala says:

      I hear the going rate from Samsung these days is a hot Starcraft babe 😉

  5. freespirit says:

    iPhone??? No thanks! Apple? God forbid!!!

    1. Amen, brother!

  6. Sabil Hameed says:

    This Dilawer guy below is an idiot!

    1. This Sabil guy above is an iDork!

  7. SNLTheOffice says:

    So, I should throw my iPhone away because you’ve heard that the S4 has wireless charging and improved storage? Well, I heard that the S4 also has a button that makes popcorn materialize in your mouth and that every time you buy one, a new Giant Panda is born. But we will have to wait until the launch to see if all of that is true.

    1. Sonia Ingriselli says:

      hahahahaaaa…Giant Panda’s? I am so ditching my iPhone!

  8. no, i will not replace my iphone 5. it may not have that quadcore shit, but its more stable and more fluid compared to these bad galaxies.. and one more thing, iphone is premium, s4 is plastic and cheap!

  9. @Dilawer 
    You are a complete fool… why would anyone think that making a finger swipe gesture to a whole-arm-swash above the phone (in the air) to slide a photo across is an improvement. Air-touch… how about air-torture… have you seen the demo’s of people trying to select items… umm… move your finger 1 inch to the screen and actually touch what you want, it’s not rocket science??? Gadget hounds are ruining the simplicity that the iPhone brought to the table. I do NOT want my phone to end up as stupid as my desktop computer has become. I have the need to simply do one task at a time! Who in their right mind would want to watch a video whilst sorting through their emails (side-by-side), as if either of these tasks are going to get the attention they deserve??  It’s a stupid “techno” gadget laden monstrousity!

  10. RobertSudbury says:

    I agree that the I Phone is seeming a bit dated. But it also seems to me that the Apple people are being very careful to make sure that the major features are practical and leave the rest to the App makers. One item about the New Galaxy is that new processor. These devices are getting very powerful! The future looks bright but expensive!!

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