Top 5 Geek Habits Others Find Annoying

If you feel that these top 5 geek habits describe you, then welcome to the club! You are not alone – we get what you mean. As Geeks, we consider ourselves a rare breed of species. As such, we also come with rare geek habits others may find annoying. Geek habits that only other Geeks can truly understand. What are these habits that we find awesome (and others find annoying)? Check out our top 5 below!

Splurging On Geeky Stuff

As much as we geeks are known to be highly intelligent, smart and witty, all intelligence and common sense goes out of the window whenever we see geeky stuff. A life-sized Iron Man wax figure is on sale right now? We absolutely need to buy it. A limited edition manga is available for this day only? Here, take our money! We can have our own self-modeled figurines? Oh wow, we need to get that! 

As geeks, we absolutely have a problem with controlling our cash outflows especially when we are faced with seemingly great geeky deals.

Needless to say, our loved ones and usually our significant others are the ones who find this geek habit to be particularly annoying. After all, they witness us scrimping on instant rice and on packed noodles while splurging on expensive geek collectibles at the same time.

Extra Space for Geek Possessions

Yes, not all geeks require the same amount of space – some will need a separate room while others are happy with just small cabinets – but you still get what this means. We geeks have this intense desire to be committed to our geeky  things that we obviously could not live without them!

We need our manga collection, our anime figurines, our action figures, our comic books, our cosplay accessories, our real-life wax models and our old game consoles to live with us for the rest of our lives. Sure, some of our loved ones may be consoled since we tell them we’re going to be selling these items in the future at much higher prices, but we all know that’s never going to happen.

Monopolizing Conversations with Geek Obsessions

Sometimes, when we become too fired up about a certain topic, I’m sure we can’t help but talk about it, right? Whether it’s about our newest zombie escape plan, our thoughts on certain conspiracy theories, our latest analysis for the Walking Dead’s current episode or our general dislike for touchscreen shirtswe can’t help but take control of the whole conversation!

Most of our non-geek companions are annoyed by this geek habit because either they can’t relate with the jargon we’re using, or they are simply not interested.

“Let me just drink my coffee while you resume blocking out my opinions…”

Using Movie or TV Quotes in Everyday Conversations

This geek habit is particularly unsuspecting at first. After all, with the constant exposure to media, it seems like more and more people are prone to inserting quotes into conversations, in the hopes of being funny or looking cool. We geeks however, stand out from the others by using quotes that are from geeky movies , and also by imitating the mannerisms of the characters as well. Doing so does not make us look cool at all – and yet, we still love doing it all the time.

Extreme ‘Geek’ Lengths During the Holidays

As geeks, we simply could not stand the idea of celebrating something halfheartedly. No way! Just visit our conventions and cosplay events – we need to take everything seriously. We need to be able to give our best effort in every celebration, even if it means shelling out a huge amount of cash for Christmas decorations. Perhaps spending two full days making a Christmas dinner or even running all over the place just to get the perfect Valentine’s gift!

We thrive on the sense of importance that we get when other people appreciate our work.

Can you relate to any of these geek habits? Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. Sounds like geeks are insecure, narcissistic, self righteous, jealous jerks who happened to love some cool stuff. Basically 15 forever. Might want to offer as advice to geeks to get away from some screen for a while and get outdoors, it opens your mind and makes you appreciate a different aspect of life and the universe

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