Top 10 Anticipated Gadgets for 2013

This year promises to put exciting gadgets into the hands of tech-savvy users around the world. From the latest versions of old favorites to brand-new devices, you’re likely to find something perfect for your needs. Each of these 10 devices promises to thrill and entertain you in a new way.

iPad Mini with Retina Display

Apple’s current tablet line-up continues to do well. The first iPad Mini, however, did not feature Retina, Apple’s proprietary liquid crystal display. This crisp display helps prevent pixilation on the screen.

Google Glass

Although wearing Google Glass may make you resemble a time traveler from the distant future, this intriguing head-mounted device has several promising features. With this gadget, users can use voice commands to access many of the same apps and functions that smartphone users enjoy. These functions may include video chat and real-time access to navigation apps.

Google glass anticipated 2013
Google Glass the next big thing?

Xbox 720

The Xbox console has been a staple on the gaming scene for over a decade. After years spent perfecting the Xbox 360, Microsoft is finally working on their next console, the Xbox 720. Industry experts expect that the new version will seamlessly integrate Microsoft’s Kinect technology.

iPhone Next Generation

Each release of a new iPhone brings excitement and joy to Apple loyalists. Although little is known about the next iPhone, experts speculate that the new phone will come in a multitude of colors and include a better battery, more storage space and an improved camera.

Google Touch Chromebooks

Despite lagging sales and little positive media attention, Google hasn’t given up on its Chromebooks. While the next generation of these lightweight laptops will still run on the Chrome operating system, they will likely be smaller and feature a touchscreen.

Google chromebook pixel
Google Chromebook: Leaked Images from Video

Samsung Galaxy SIV

A few details have emerged about Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone, which is expected to be released sometime in April 2013. In a bid to compete with the iPhone, the new Galaxy will likely feature impressive technical specs, including a better rear camera and two gigabytes (GB) of RAM.

Amazon Smartphone

Amazon has found success with its Kindle e-readers and tablets. However, some industry insiders believe that Amazon wants to expand its efforts to the smartphone industry. This rumored smartphone would likely run on the Android platform and feature an affordable price tag.

Amazon smartphone 2013

Toshiba 84” Quad Full HD TV

Toshiba is hoping to jump into the giant television market. This television will feature an impressive 3840 x 2160 resolution and will be powered by Toshiba’s CEVO Engine. This product will also include all of the latest trends in television design, including Internet integration and 3D capability.

Apple TV

After reports were made of Apple testing 46” to 55’’ monitors, the company’s long-rumored TV is once again expected to make a debut in the new year. Industry insiders expect that the fabled device will include the Siri personal assistant, iCloud support and integration with most of Apple’s handheld devices.

Sony C650X Odin

Sony is looking to make a big splash in the smartphone market with the Sony C650X Odin. This palm-sized device will feature more computing power than some laptops and will include a 5-inch 1080p screen, two GB of RAM and a high-end Snapdragon processor.