The Week in Geek Entertainment – Links 10/10/2018

Pet sematary set photos

Neil Gaiman signs deal with Amazon. –Comic Book Resource

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time saga is coming to television via Amazon. –

Tom Hardy said his favorite scenes from Venom were cut from the movie. –Geek Tyrant

Black Mirror S5 will have an interactive episode, as if the show weren’t freaky enough. –Geek Insider

Robert Kirkman’s Outcast has been cancelled on Cinemax. Can’t help but think it was because it was on Cinemax. –BloodyDisgusting

Netflix has acquired rights to all of CS Lewis’ Narnia novels and will be creating film and television adaptations on the streaming service. –

Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina trailer:

Toys R Us is back? Oh, the drama. –Geek Tyrant

Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone is officially in production:

Jon Favreau’s live-action Star Wars television series on Disney streaming gets a title. –The Hollywood Reporter

More Birds of Prey casting news! Rosie Perez will play Renee Montoya. –Geeks of Color

Daredevil S3 villain revealed. –Syfy Wire

Pet Sematary set photos released. –Geek Tyrant

Here’s an adorable interview with our new Doctor:

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