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The Tattooed Torah

The “Tattooed Torah” is an insightful book by Marvell Ginsburg. It is a simple but fascinating book that revolves around a Torah and its journey alongside a family as they endure the Shoah or the Holocaust. 

The author, Marvell Ginsburg, made it simple and crafted an experience for children to understand a bit of the trials and tribulations present within the Shoah without consuming all of the horrific details.

Indeed, there were many terrible situations present within that period, and while children and youth may not need to have every gruesome detail, the consensus is that it is best for them to know about the general history.

This book serves as a way of introducing them to a part of their history and their legacy if they are a part of the Jewish faith. The Tattooed Torah is a story of struggle, unexpected events, hope, resilience, and the strength of culture, beliefs, and the Torah.

The Tattooed Torah Setting

The story takes place in a time when the Shoah was just beginning, and restrictions by the state, mandated Jews to be home by a specific time. It was in these early days of the Shoah that a child was getting ready for a Bat Mitzvah and prepping for it with his grandfather by reading specific scriptures in the Torah.

The locals are astounded by a recent fantastic Torah that arrives. As soon as it arrives though, that is when the trials and trials begin, and they must start following restrictions, help to catalog items, and then they slowly get taken away, separated from their families, sometimes forever.

The Torah and the boy survive, but they are separated. The story revolves around the boy growing up and eventually hearing about preserved items from the Shoah and pursuing it.

It is an amazing tale that shows the value of perseverance, legacy, and chutzpah. Finally, the book has compelling illustrations and does a great job of pulling you into that timeframe and following along as events unfold.

Now, the Tattooed Torah is animated and has become a movie. It is playing in film festivals, libraries, and schools and should be present on other broadcast mediums. The film took over four years to make due to illustrations, fund raising and getting the right team together to create a great film that captured the essence of the book.

Directed by Marc Bennett, who recently joined us for a sit-down on our Geek Speak show, narrated by Ed Asner, with music by Daniel Alcheh, and producers such as Lisa Effress. The Tattooed Torah is definitely a film that everyone should see.

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