The Samsung and Apple Love Affair

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Geek wants to know which team your rooting for

Earlier in the year Samsung Mobile Devices were found guilty by a jury for infringing six Apple patents and was awarded 1.049 billion dollars; which was one of the largest patent awards in US history. The story gets more interesting when rumours surfaced that Samsung sent several trucks loaded with 5-cent coins in payment of the fine.

Unfortunately the rumours were false, but it did give us a good laugh. Can you imagine your friend paying you back a $100 in 5-cent coins? My head hurts thinking about it. Do you ever wonder how many of the jury members actually owned an Apple or Samsung phone?

We can only imagine a group of people in a small room debating whether the iPhone is better than the Galaxy – this could take all day. What do you think? These two companies resemble the bickering war between two divorcing parties; yes people this could get ugly. Both companies have decided to continue their ‘never ending battle’, where Samsung is seeking to have the fine reduced and Apple is seeking to have the fine increased.

According to The Financial Times Report, Judge Lucy Koh asked Apple’s Lawyers what on earth they ‘were smoking’. Both companies are engaged in a number of law suits in a number of different countries; this brings new meaning to ‘world war tech’.

Soon enough it might be dangerous to leave our iPads and Galaxy tabs on a table together. The day may come, when both come to life and start shooting apps at each other. The lawyers on both sides are raking in the cash, the longer the case runs the more money they make. In the words of Rodney King, ‘Can we all just get along’?

No one knows yet, what 2013 may hold for the battling tech giants. But after the news this morning, about other tech giants banning together to fight Apple, it seems things are really ramping up and about to get even more intense.

In the spirit of the Twilight saga, which team are you rooting for? Will it be team Apple or team Samsung? Let us know in the comments below.


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