The Samsung and Apple Love Affair – Round Two

The Continuing Saga

As previously reported, Apple won its infringement case against Samsung and was awarded $1.049 billion. In the first round between these two tech giants, Apple came swinging; knocking down their opponent to the ground, however Samsung appealed the case seeking to have the fine reduced. Apple fired back with a claim of their own, seeking to have the fine increased.

We are still waiting on Judge Lucy Koh’s decision on whether the fine will go in Samsung’s favour or in Apple’s favour. The drama does not stop there, Apple have now filed new suit against Samsung claiming they have infringed on 17 more of its patents, talk about ‘rumble in the jungle’.

This war between both tech giants does not seem to have an end in sight. Judge Lucy Koh is fed up with both companies claiming that lawyers on both sides were filing too much paperwork leaving her overwhelmed. I would love to be on the legal team of these tech giants, I would be able to put my kids and grand kids and their kids through school.

Apple recently asked Judge Lucy Koh to approve an injunction permanently banning the sale of some of Samsung devices in the United States. Talk about kicking your opponent when they are still on the ground! Both companies are involved in more than 50 lawsuits around the world. Samsung have recently won some of its cases in South Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom.

In South Korea the court held a split decision where Apple was found guilty on infringing 2 of Samsung patents and Samsung was found guilty of infringing 1 of Apple’s patents. One disadvantage of these lawsuits is that customers may have to face higher prices for Samsung and Apple products so that both companies can recoup monies lost associated with legal fees and fines.

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