How to Maximize your Android Battery Life

Read on for clear, brief and informative tips to maximize your Android battery life

So you’ve finally caved in and decided to buy yourself an Android smart phone! Good for you – Android devices are known to be functional simply because Android smart phones can act as your personal computers already. There is one problem bothering you, though – because Android devices are too functional, sometimes, the battery just feels like it’s dying too fast! Indeed, more features sacrifice your Android gadget’s battery life. What are you supposed to do? For a longer battery life, follow some tips below for a better Android user experience.

1. Find what the biggest battery drain is – use Android’s pre-installed Battery Consumption report.

Some users of Android devices are excited about Android apps so much that they don’t even realize that Android has a pre-installed reporting feature dedicated to showing the Android device’s battery consumption data. Naturally, we won’t be able to maximize our Android device’s battery life without knowing exactly what to modify, so this built-in report will help us out a lot.

To access this, first go to Settings About deviceBattery use.



Android battery lifeAndroid battery life


Here, we can see that Display is the one using the most battery life. Actually, display is really the most battery-draining feature of all Android devices so this comes off as a common problem.

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2. Go to your Display settings and adjust the background brightness there. 

Since we’ve established that Display is actually consuming the most battery life, we should now adjust the settings. Again, we start with SettingsDisplay SettingsBrightness. From Brightness, you can adjust it to the lowest level there is so that you can benefit more from the battery by using other more important apps.


Android how to

Android how to











Obviously, you can only be able to do this when you’re indoors with ample lighting. Otherwise, you need to depend on other Android battery-maximizing tips.

 3. Disable Animated Wallpaper.

Seriously, that nice-looking moving wallpaper won’t be of use to you anyway. It kills your battery slowly but surely and it makes you seem a little bit dorky. Stop yourself from using it and just have minimalist wallpaper instead – you won’t spend too much time looking at your Home page so there’s literally no point in utilizing animated wallpaper.

Android tutorial











4. Turn on Power-saving mode in your Display settings.

The function of this one is pretty much explained in an overview – your Android device will save power by lowering the LCD brightness. Again, you can appreciate this function fully when you’re inside.  You can be able to find this in SettingsDisplay settings. 

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5. Have a regular Android device clean-up.

Just like your house, your Android device can also get clogged up with various apps that you are not even using any more  Do your battery and your memory wondrous favors and remove all this mess. Don’t make it a habit to collect clutter on your Android device – your lovely gadget will suffer because of it. To uninstall apps you don’t need, go to SettingsApplicationsManage ApplicationsUninstall.